Evaluation Policy & Program Planning

Evaluation Policy & Program Planning



Dr. Steven R. Howe, PhD.

Dr. Howe is Professor and Head of Psychology at the University of Cincinnati. His research interests include evaluation, policy, and program planning, particularly around matters related to urban poverty. Nearly all of his work focuses on improving organizational functioning through the use of social science data and social science research methods.


Mary Jean Amon, M.A. 

Mary Jean is a graduate student in the University of Cincinnati Psychology department. Her research aims to foster greater equality for women and other disadvantaged populations through developing empirically validated community interventions. After receiving a Masters in Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University and moving to UC, Mary Jean began a Research Assistantship position in Dr. Rachel Kallen’s Social Identity and Diversity (SID) laboratory, studying objectification of women and stereotype threat. She is also part of Dr. Steven Howe’s Evaluation, Program, Planning, and Policy (EP3) laboratory where she is being mentored in program design, implementation, and evaluation. At Innovations, a community research and consultation center within Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) run by Dr. Monica Mitchell, she is gaining experience in community work and consultation.


Drew Brown 

Drew is a 4th-year graduate student in the Psychology program and a 1st-year student in the Masters in Human Resources program. His research interests include employee training and development, human resources metrics, and organization development and change. Currently, he is collaborating on a fast-paced project for the VA National Center for Organization Development to assess the effectiveness of training and other initiatives on organizational outcomes throughout VA.


Cynthia Cominsky, MBA, MEd.

Cynthia’s background includes thirteen years of human resource experience in the private sector. While working for corporations such as the Bosch Corporation, Moen Incorporated, and Fidelity Investments, Cynthia’s work included organizational development, training and development, and general human resource functions. Currently, Cynthia is applying her human resource background to identifying the beliefs about work that foster and hinder employment success among low-income populations. Her previous education includes a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education from Bowling Green State University as well as a Master of Business Administration from Cleveland State University.


Kellana C. Walton

Research Assistants

Daniel C. Braun

Daniel is a Research Assistant in the EP3 Lab and is in the fifth year of his undergraduate program at the University of Cincinnati. He is majoring in Psychology and Spanish and his current research interests include cross-cultural relationships and interactions. Currently he is working on research pertaining to anti-Hispanic prejudice and immigration issues while assisting with various duties in the lab including website development and researching literature.

Naomi Clements-Brod

A Cincinnati native, Naomi Clements-Brod is in the second year of her undergraduate program at the University of Cincinnati. She is pursuing a double major in psychology and anthropology and has broad research interests. Currently she is assisting in an exploratory study regarding the beliefs entry-level employees hold that foster or hinder occupational success.

Matthew Strohhacker

Matthew Strohhacker’s research interests range from epidemiological-based studies focusing on improving health at a population level, to laboratory medical research focusing on improving health at the individual level, as well as research aimed at improving health policy from the local to national level. He plans to attend graduate school to obtain a Master of Public Health degree focusing in Epidemiology.