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Cassette Duplication Policy [Infrequent use due to Web and CD's]

In UC's Language Lab, we maintain sets of master cassettes in order to make copies using our high speed duplicators. A customer who wishes a copy of one of our cassettes can purchase a blank cassette from us [see page 3 for prices], or the customer must bring us a new or used cassette of the appropriate length and ask for a copy of the particular cassette he or she wishes. A customer can leave the cassette with us along with his name and copy request. Usually we can have copies done within an hour. A person who brings more than two cassettes at a time for duplication will receive a lower priority for the fulfillment of their requests than those who bring in only one or two. In other words, if you bring us three or more cassettes and someone else comes in after you with one or two cassettes before we have done all of yours, we will make that other person's one or two copies before we finish yours. Still, we can usually have the copies made within an hour or two.

We will not copy onto C-120's, C-110's or any Tracs, PMC, Star, Memex (note spelling, Memorex are OK), ComputronBud,TONEMASTERandGEMINI cassettes. Other than the Sony cassettes we sell in the Lab, we do recommend certain other brands of good quality cassettes. Recommended normal bias cassettes are: TDK, Scotch, Fuji, Maxell, Sony, BASF, and JVC. Others may be acceptable. Check with Emmanuel the Lab Coordinator to be sure. Also, any high bias cassette (such as TDK SA or Maxell UDXL II), although they are excellent tapes, cannot be completely erased by our high speed equipment. Therefore it is best to bring in normal bias cassettes (such as TDK D series or Maxell UD).

Besides making copies from our own master cassettes, we will also duplicate from a cassette a customer may bring into the Lab. Following the guidelines given above, the customer must bring in both the cassette he wants a copy of as well as a cassette onto which the copy can be made. DUE TO LEGAL RESTRICTIONS, COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WILL NOT BE DUPLICATED WITHOUT SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. THIS INCLUDES COPIES OF RECORDS YOU OR YOUR FRIENDS MAY HAVE MADE ONTO YOUR OWN CASSETTES (WHICH IS ALSO TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL). There is a $2.00 fee for duplication of each tape of this sort which is not Language Lab material.

As always, if you have any questions about this or other services, ask the lab attendant.

Some titles require 90 minute cassettes for duplication, others require only 60 minute casstetts. Ask a lab attendant to be sure.

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Compact Disc Duplication Policy

In UC's Language Lab, we maintain some sets of master compact discs (CD's) in order to make copies using our CD burner and CD recorder. This cannot be done at high speed, so a customer who wants the CD (if available for a particular book), must request the copy and wait from an hour up to a full day later for the copy to be done. A customer who wishes a copy of one of our CD's must purchase the recordable CD from us in advance of the copying. We will not copy onto a recordable CD that a  customer might bring in. The cost per CD is $1.00. Copyright restrictions apply as with all our services.

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Leaving Recordings on Reserve and Scheduling of Lab for a Class

To leave recordings on reserve in the Lab, an instructor must consult with the Lab's supervisor. The instructor must obtain the recordings for reserve through his or her department. In most cases the recordings can be left and made available immediately. The recordings can be removed by the instructor at any time or left on reserve for as long a period as deemed necessary. To reserve the Language Lab itself for use of a class or other purposes, and instructor must schedule the facility at least a day in advance through the Lab's supervisor. Availability of the Language Lab depends upon staffing and other potential scheduling conflicts.

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Language Placement Tests

See following link: Placement Testing

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Video Duplication and Format Transfer Policy

The Lab has facilities to copy VHS video cassettes from foreign formats (PAL, SECAM) to the American format (NTSC). We can also copy from the American format to the foreign formats. The service must be scheduled in advance. At the time of inquiry a general estimate for completion will be given. The charge is $15.00 minimum per tape for the first two hours of duplication time, with $7.50 per hour for each additional hour of duplication per tape. If the person requesting the service does not provide his or her own videotape for the duplication, a tape can be supplied at the cost of $3.00 for a T-120 video cassette. This service is free to instructors of language courses copying language tapes for class use, otherwise the above charges apply. This service is also subject to all applicable copyright restrictions.

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Language Lab Service Charges

Cassette Duplication From master maintained in Lab No Charge
  From master brought in by customer $2.00/copy
Video Duplication/
Format Transfer
  note: service also offered by Langsam Library at a lower rate.
Cassette Repair   $1.00/each + parts ($3.00 parts max)
note: the above services are free to the faculty and staff of the language departments
Cassette Price C-60 $1.00/each
Cassette Price C-90 $1.00/each
Video Cassettes T-120 $3.00/each
Compact Disc   $1.00/each
DVD-R Disc   $1.50/each
Headphones   $2.50/each

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Languages Available on Cassette Tape

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (as a second language)
  • French
  • German
  • Greek (ancient)
  • Greek (modern)
  • Hebrew
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Swedish

Special Note: Due to Supreme Court rulings, we will not duplicate copyrighted tapes or other material without specific, verifiable, written permission of the copyright owner.

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