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University of Cincinnati Library Faculty

Officers & Committees

Chair of the Library Faculty:

Ron Jones, 2015-2017


Secretary of the Library Faculty:

Akram Sadeghi Pari, 2014-2016


Faculty Senate:

John Hopkins 2015-2017
Jennifer Krivickas


Library Representative to the Faculty Senate IT Committee


Nathan Tallman


Nominations and Elections


Carolyn Hansen 2014-2016
Shannon Kemen 2015-2017
Kellie Tilton 2014-2016


Reappointment Promotion and Tenure:


Kathleen Epperson, co-chair
Tenured 2014-2016
Kevin Grace, co-chair
Tenured 2015-2017
Carolyn Hansen Untenured 2015-2017
John Hopkins Tenured 2014-2016
Sharon Purtee Tenured 2015-2017
Elna Saxton Tenured 2014-2016
Pam Bach
Untenured 2014-2016


Library Faculty Representatives to the AAUP Associate's Council (Bargaining Unit):


Sean Crowe 2014-2016
Sharon Purtee 2014-2016


Representatives to the Library Faculty FDC Committee:


Susan Banoun  
Ron Jones, chair  
Lauren Wahman  


Year 3 Merit Review Committee:


Ted Baldwin
Paul Cauthen
Carolyn Hansen
Heather Maloney
Suzanne Reller
Edith Starbuck
James Van Mil