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Internal Trademark Use

Approval process for use of University Trademarks for Internal Consumption:

1. Begin the process early to allow sufficient time for review.

  • Select an internal vendor to produce the items
  • Design artwork for the items.  NOTE: If you have any questions about the University's brand standards as you are designing the artwork, please do not hesitate to contact the Trademarks & Licensing Office

2. Complete the online internal request form describing the project, the design you want to use, as well as the vendor you want to produce the items.  NOTE: You will need to upload the artwork intended for use and a quote from the vendor into this form.

3. After the review has been completed, we will e-mail the requestor and vendor contact confirming if the request has been approved as shown, if any changes are required, or if the request has been denied along with an explanation.

Approval to use a UC trademark (for example on a t-shirt) does not constitute approval to use the trademark again, or in connection with any other item, or to change the design in any way, without seeking additional approval.

Policy for internal use of UC trademarks:

Uses that may not require approval

Some uses of UC trademarks may not require prior approval from UC’s Office of Trademarks & Licensing, including:

Use of UC’s name or other trademarks in connection with news reporting and other fair uses that do not undermine UC’s rights to its trademarks. These editorial or communication types of use should be approved by the associate vice president for public relations, or the office of Governmental Relations and University Communications. For similar uses of athletic trademarks, approval should be obtained from the senior associate director of Athletics or the assistant director of Athletics for sports communications.

Trademark uses that require approval

All uses of UC’s trademarks on products require prior approval from the Office of Trademarks & Licensing, even if the proposed uses do not involve the sale of a product; e.g., promotional items for conferences or meetings, items for fundraisers, items for giveaways, gifts, etc.

UC departments, groups, and registered student organizations may not assign rights or otherwise grant permission to any other entity for use of UC’s trademarks for any purpose without prior review and approval by UC’s Office of Trademarks & Licensing.

Requirement to use licensed manufacturers

All products bearing UC’s trademarks must be purchased from companies licensed by the University of Cincinnati.

There are approximately 250 companies officially licensed by the University of Cincinnati through our agent (the CLC) to manufacture products which bear UC’s trademarks.

Clarification of use:

After a full review through the university's decision-making and governance process, the Use of University Trademarks for Internal Consumption policy has been approved and is effective as of November 5, 2010.

This policy can be viewed at the following link for Financial Policies under the Division of Administration and Finance: Use of University Trademarks for Internal Consumption.

In instances where there is uncertainty regarding the appropriate use of any UC trademarks, the director of trademarks & licensing will consult as needed with the senior associate vice president for Campus Services, the associate vice president of public relations, the associate vice president for Governmental Relations and University Communications, and/or UC’s Office of General Counsel. The University of Cincinnati reserves the right to disapprove any use of its trademarks, even if such use is not explicitly prohibited by these guidelines.



For further information or assistance, contact the Trademarks & Licensing Office