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Licensing Agreements

There are several types of licensing agreements. The following agreements are administered by the Collegiate Licensing Company:

Standard License

For production of emblematic merchandise to be sold by an individual or company at retail.


License is for internal suppliers; products sold to the institution for internal consumption only and cannot be resold or sold at retail


For local companies and/or individuals. Geographically confined to in-state or “local region” companies that intend to make products for resale.

Companies wishing to apply for a license to use the University of Cincinnati trademarks should first contact CLC at the following address:

The Collegiate Licensing Company
1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 770-956-0520
Fax: 770-955-4491
Web site:

See the links below companies currently licensed for the University of Cincinnati by the Collegiate Licensing Company: