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Is your University department or organization interested in partnering with an outside company or organization?  Are you are an outside company or organization interested in being affiliated with the University?  The University defines these associations as a sponsorship.  Before any sponsorship activities take place between an outside company or organization and the University, approval must be granted.  Below are the steps of the request process.

Steps to Creating a Sponsorship Request:

  1. Begin the process early to allow sufficient time for review.  We recommend at least 60 days prior to the activation of the sponsorship.
  2. Design artwork for the sponsorship, if necessary. See the Do's & Don'ts for artwork guidelines.
  3. Select a sponorship approved vendor to produce any products associated with the sponsorship.
  4. Complete the Sponsorship Request Form describing the sponsorship activity, sponsor/outside organization involved, and which University mark(s) are being requested to use.  Note: If artwork is associated with the sponsorship, please upload the artwork in the form.
  5. The Sponsorship Review Committee will review your request.  It typically takes 1-2 weeks to process each request.  After the review has been completed, we will e-mail the requestor and sponsor confirming if the request has been approved as shown, if any changes are required, or if the request has been denied along with an explanation.

Note: Approval to use the University's brand in conjunction with a sponsorship does not constitute approval to use the brand again without seeking additional approval.