Conference Do's & Dont's

Want to get the most out of your conference experience?  Below are a few Do’s and Don’ts by our CPT Undergraduate Representative Sarah Dailey, Bluffton University!  It may have been written for students, but it really applies to everyone!


  • Spend time with peers from both of the regions.
  • Seek out students holding the same position on your campus.  Who better to get ideas from than someone else who does what you do. 
  • Hang out in the student center as late as you can stand it, talking about all the wonderful things you do on your campus.
  • Attend every session.  But don’t just attend, be an active participant. 
  • Look through the Conference Schedule before getting to the conference.
  • Choose which sessions you want to attend before you talk to any of your fellow students about which ones they are going to. 
  • Come excited to have an amazing time! But really,  ACUI basically stands for great time. 
  • Get involved in the Case Study.  This is your time to shine.  Work with your group to come up with the best poster this association has ever seen.
  • Get super excited about the Masquerade! Like really.  Bring a costume and make your advisor dress up to.  Will be a great photo opportunity.
  • Take a moment to talk to Professionals from all over the regions. Pick their brains.  Let them talk you into a career path in Student Affairs.
  • TWEET! I cannot explain it, but ACUI loves its social media.  Tweet about everything and #acui13uc, @ACUIregion7, or @ACUI09.
  • Bring swag to trade with other students at the conference.  No swag is not swaggy enough…. (Not really sure if swaggy is a word… But you know what I mean).   Pens, pencils, stickers, t-shirts, water bottles.  Anything and everything free you can get your hands on bring it.


  • Only socialize with colleagues from your university… I mean really you see them every day.
  • Go straight back to your hotel room every chance you get.
  • As a current Student Teacher, it pains me to say it, but do NOT spend all weekend stressing about homework.  It will be there when you get back to your campus.  Trust me.
  • Skip going to sessions to catch up on sleep… You or your school paid money for you to attend this wonderful conference.  Take as much away from it as possible
  • Go with the flow and never know what sessions look interesting to you… Hard to like the session you’re attending if you have no interest in what the speaker is presenting
  • Go to every session with your friends from your University.  Spread out so your school can take as much away from the conference as possible.
  • Come to the conference in a bad mood.  You get a weekend away from any troubles you might have on campus.  Enjoy the oasis. 
  • Skip Case Study planning time.  Your team needs you and there are a lot of bragging rights with the Case Study.  You’re talking to a Case Study champ right now.
  • Be too cool for school and think the Masquerade is lame.  Only lame people think Masquerades are lame.
  • Be intimidated by the Professionals from the region.  Think about it.  I am sure you have an amazing advisor that brought you to conference. You are going to be surrounded by Professionals that are just as wonderful as your advisor.
  • Be frustrated if you have no idea what Twitter is. Honesty moment.  I created my twitter because of ACUI.
  • Stress out if you forget your swag.  You can still swap ideas or find the school that brings enough swag for every person to have 2 shirts and they still have leftovers.  Trust me.  Some school will do that.  And we love that school.