Diversity Initiative

Host a Diversity & Inclusion Film at the MainStreet Cinema

Colleges and student organizations* are now able to host a film showing at the MainStreet Cinema that encourages diversity & inclusion.

Thank you for your Diversity & Inclusion submissions for Fall 2016. The schedule is now complete. If you would like to submit a title for Spring 2017, please do so by Dec. 9, 2016. Films should be selected from the SWANK library unless the college or group owns the liscensing rights. 

The titles will be integrated into the programming or offered as a special event, if your department or student organization would like to co-sponsor. Currently, the MainStreet Cinema is reserved for event scheduling from 7–10:30 p.m. on Thursdays.

The benefits of hosting a film showing are:

  • MainStreet Cinema will pay for the film's license
  • Free event promotion on the MainStreet Cinema website and related print materials
  • Powerful demonstration of diversity learning
DI 2016

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*Student organizations must be registered with SALD and Student Activities Board.

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