Catskeller Events

Weekly Evening Events

Monday - Trivia Night

Grab some friends and show off your trivia skills, Mondays at 7 p.m.

Tuesday - Jazz Jams

Enjoy live Jazz music every other Tuesday beginning at 7 p.m.

Wednesday - Pint Night & Beer Tastings

Each week a different craft beer will be featured with monthly beer tasting & food pairing events.

Thursday - Catskeller Unplugged

Enjoy live music every Thursday beginning at 7 p.m.

Friday- Flight Night

Sample our wide variety of craft beers.  A flight of four 5 oz samples available for $10.

Catskeller Unplugged


Are you looking for a new gig? Take your talents to Catskeller! Bands and solo performers can fill out this form to receive more information. 

Catskeller is always looking for Bearcat-talent to perform for Thursdays'Unplugged series, a weekly music spotlight that showcases local bands and performers.

Whether you are a seasoned performer or stepping on stage for the first time, the Unplugged series is a great way to promote your talent at UC.


Bianca Graham 3/31/16

  • Bianca graduated from the School of Creative and Perforrming Arts in Cincinnati with the skills to work as a professional entertainer. She loves music but honing her work ethic is what's hard. So she works twice as hard. "I now understand that music is an avenue to the soul and it's my duty to connect to the soul through music."

Anna Kline featuring Jake Kricket 4/14/16

  • Anna Kline and I wanted to collaborate on this show. Both of us are Commercial Music Production majors at CCM and we just started playing together. We're both from the Cincinnati area and we play a lot of pop songs or top of the charts sort of music. Anna plays piano and is a very talented singer. I'm a guitar player who loves Audio Engineering so I play through some complex set ups but for this event I want to try and keep it minimalist. We want an opportunity for our friends and family to hear us play together! 

Kris Richmond 4/21/16