Tangeman University Center

Tangeman University Center


Beverage and Snack Vending

University Vending Services, a department within Campus Services Operations, operates 180 cold bottle beverage vending machines and 75 snack machines on the university’s campuses.

Your beverage selection includes choices of around 50, 20oz Pepsi products, including Aquafina, Gatorade, Ocean Spray juices, Sobe Life waters, Propel waters, Amp Energy drinks, and Starbucks Frappuccino.

For healthy snack options, look for the "green" rows.

Beverage Delivery to University Departments

University Vending Services also provides delivery of bottled beverages to university departments and associated groups at special pricing. Delivery is next day. Fill out and submit the Department or Event Beverage Order Form. What could be easier?

Vending Locations

Tangeman University Center
Location Type of Machine
# of Machines
Level 2, Restroom Hallway          
Level 2, Restroom Hallway Snack 1
Level 3, Restroom Hallway Drink 3
Level 3, Restroom Hallway Snack 1
Level 4, Restroom Hallway  
Drink 1
Campus Recreation Center
Location Type of Machine
# of Machines
Level 1, Passage Way                 
Drink 4
Level 1, Passage Way Snack 1
Level 2, Raquet Ball Hallway Water Only 1