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Planning Tips

Conference & Event Services (CES) has put together several tips in order to help you have a successful event! From planning to scheduling, follow the correct steps from the very beginning to ensure a fun and exciting experience!
Please refer to our Event Guide for more information and specific details on scheduling an event on campus.

Planning Your Event (Prior to Request Form Submission)

Planning Time
You need to give yourself plenty of time to plan your event before submitting your request. Planning is time consuming and very crucial to having a successful event. Once this done, submit your event request to Conference & Event Services. If you are having a large event, submitting your request at least two weeks in advance is highly recommended. Remember that your venue may not be available. Give yourself time to make the necessary adjustments.

Attention to Details
Pay attention to the details of your event. There are multiple steps in planning an event and it is easy to accidently skip something very important. Be sure to gather information on equipment needed, head count, transportation, Disability Services arrangements, etc.  Make a list and check off each part after it has been taken care of.

Promotional Items
There are a variety of ways to promote your event on MainStreet including digital signage, posters/flyers, MainStreet cinema screen, SSLC electronic sign, and TUC table tents. Please refer to the UC MainStreet Promotions Guidelines and Procedures page for more information.

Determine if you would like to have food at your event. If your event is located in TUC, you must order from Classic Fare Catering. Exceptions are granted in cases when catering services cannot provide the menu that is requested. Such requests can be made by contacting CES 15 business days prior to the scheduled event date. For menu options visit uc.edu/food/catering. Other options available for catering include: Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s, Kuma Neko Sushi, and Subway.

Budget Plan
Try to have a budget in mind when first starting to plan your event. This will help you stay on track and keep costs as low as possible. Funding for events is available from the University Funding Board. Student Organizations must be recognized by the university and participate in a Student Organization Training Workshop to be eligible to request funding. Groups can request and receive up to $7,000 per year. Please speak with a representative from CES to inquire about all event costs.

Student Organization Representative
Decide early in the planning process who the main representative for your Student Organization will be. This person will be the only contact to interact with Conference & Event Services. This contact will make the initial event request and be responsible for all conversations between the organization and CES. This is very important to reduce confusion and miscommunication between both parties.

Request Form Information

Please review the 25Live step-by-step instructions to learn how to complete the online request form properly. These steps are crucial to correctly schedule your event with detailed information.

After Request Form Submission

Confirmation Email
Once your request has been submitted, wait at least five business days to receive your confirmation email. Please note that the automatic email reply you receive after submitting your request is NOT the confirmation email. You do not have the room or space reserved until you receive the confirmation from a CES representative.

25Live Confirmation Number
Once you submit your event, you will be given a confirmation number that is specific to your event only. Please save this number and refer to it when discussing your event with any CES representative. This will provide immediate identification of your event and will improve all communication throughout the entire planning process.

Be On Time

Be sure to be on time to your event. Each location is in high demand and anytime you reserve the space and do not use it, another group misses out on the opportunity. If you do not use the space for the reserved amount of time, a fee may be charged to your organization.

Cancellation Policy
All reservations for student organizations and department meetings and events that have reserved Great Hall (TUC 465), TUC 400 ABC, MainStreet Cinema (TUC 220), or a reservation involving three or more meeting rooms, must be cancelled at least 30 days prior to the scheduled usage date.

  • 30-15 days from scheduled date – 50% of  UC Rooms Reserved Rental Fee
  • 14-3 days from scheduled date – 80% of UC Rooms Reserved Rental Fee
  • 2 days or fewer from scheduled date – 100% of UC Rooms Reserved Rental Fee

Reservations for one or two meeting rooms with services ordered must be cancelled at least three (3) business days prior to the scheduled usage date or a minimum of $25.00 service fee will be charged. There may be additional cancellation charges for catering, security, or other services ordered. Regardless of arranged rental fees, cancellation fees will be incurred per the policy.

Reservations must be cancelled in writing by emailing event.services@uc.edu.

Failure To Cancel
If a single meeting room space is not cancelled by contacting Conference & Event Services in writing by email to event.services@uc.edu prior to the scheduled date, university student organizations and departments will be responsible for 100% of the university rental fee.

Contact CES
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your event, please call Conference & Event Services at 513-558-1810 or email them at event.services@uc.edu. Have your 25Live Confirmation Number ready in order to be assisted.

Additional Information

Outdoor Events
If your group would like to have an outdoor event, it is helpful to check the Event Guide for policies and procedures. Do not forget to also schedule an indoor location in case of bad weather. This needs to be scheduled at the same time as the outdoor request. Last minute arrangements for an indoor location are not permitted.

Public Safety
Public Safety will determine if your event will need security. You will receive an email advising you of the approximate cost and number of officers to expect. When budgeting your event prior to scheduling, you may request a cost estimate for security at uc.edu/publicsafety/special_events.

Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD)
All event requests must be submitted by SALD registered student organizations. If you would like to become a new student organization please contact SALD.

Event Guide
For more information and specific details on scheduling an event on campus, please refer to the Event Guide.