Tangeman University Center

Tangeman University Center

Severe Weather Policy

The Tangeman University Center (TUC) will follow the university policy for severe weather, delays and closings, including:


  • TUC will open at the time the university designates (i.e., University opens at 10am, TUC opens at 10am).
  • All full time and student staff must report to TUC in time for the designated university opening.
  • All services including the receiving dock, retail, and food will open at the designated university time.
  • Events scheduled to begin and end before the designated university opening time will not occur.
  • Events scheduled to begin before the designated university opening but continue past that time may still occur but are required to end at the original scheduled time. When possible events may be permitted to continue beyond their original scheduled end time at the discretion of the Conference & Event Services (CES) staff.

All Day Closings:

  • TUC will not open on days designated by the university as “CLOSED” during inclement weather.
  • All operations, including retail, the receiving dock, events and services within TUC will be “CLOSED/CANCELLED”.

Early Closings:

  • TUC will remain open 2 hours past the designated university closing time to serve as a temporary shelter for individuals who are not able to immediately leave campus.
  • TUC’s Atrium on level 3 and the food court on level 2 will be the designated areas individuals may occupy during this time.
  • All retail locations and operations within TUC will close, and all scheduled events will conclude at the time the university closes. However, when possible, one retail food option will be available in the food court for 2 hours past the designated university closing time, but not to surpass normal hours of operation.


  • TUC will make all efforts to stay open on weekends, when the university does not make an official closing or delay announcement during inclement weather.
  • If the Building Supervisor believes the weather warrants closing TUC during the weekend he/she will call the Assistant Director of MainStreet Operations to gain approval before closing. 
  • If the decision is made to close TUC, the Building Supervisor will make an announcement over the public address system indicating the new closing time.
  • If the decision is made to close TUC earlier than normal hours of operation, signage will be posted at all entrances. This signage will be available in the office, room 302.


  • For university updates, please call the University of Cincinnati Status Line at 513‐556‐3333 or visit the UC website at www.uc.edu.