Program Mentors


The following may not be a comprehensive list of all McNair mentors.



College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. James Mack, Chemistry
Dr. Purcell Taylor, Psychology
Dr. Laura Nabor, Human Services
Dr. Giao Tran, Psychology
Dr. Gail Fairhurst, Communications
Dr. Stacie Furst-Halloway, Psychology
Dr. Heidi Kloos, Psychology

Dr. Sarah Whitton, Psychology
Dr. Dr. Colleen McTague, Geography
Dr. Stephen Matter, Biological Sciences
Dr. Roger Selya, Geography
Dr. Farrah Jacquez, Psychology
Dr. Alan Sullivan, Classics

Dr. Guy Whembolua, Africana Studies


College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services


Dr. Pamela Wilcox, Criminal Justice
Dr. Janice Walters, Paralegal Studies
Dr. Keith King, Health Promotions
College of Allied Health and Sciences Dr. Abigail Peairs, Nutrition Sciences
Dr. Sarah Couch, Nutrition Sciences
Dr. Joan Murdock, Health Administration
Dr. Erin Redle, Communication Disorders Science
Dr. Jean Neils-Strunjas, Communication Disorders Science
College of Nursing

Dr. Donna Shambley-Ebron

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

College of Engineering Dr. Jandro Abot, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Kelly Cohen, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. J.H. Lee, Biomedical Engineering
College of Medicine

Dr. Charles Collins, Psychiatry
Dr. Ronald Millard, Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics
Dr. Noah Shroyer, Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Dr. Yvonne Ulrich-Lai, Psychiatry
Dr. George Istaphanous, Anesthesiology
Dr. Jo El J Schultz, Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics
Dr. Stephen Benoit, Psychiatry
Dr. Anne Perl, Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Dr. Cynthia Bachurski, Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Marc Rothenburg, CCHMC

Dr. Daniel Lin, CCHMC

Student Affairs and Services Dr. Cheri Westmoreland, Educational Foundations
School of Social Work Dr. Ruth Van Loon    
  Dr. James Canfield    
College of Business Dr. Ratee Apana, International Business
Dr. Margaret Reed, Management