Due to the holidays and Winter Season Days, UC will be closed Dec. 25-Jan. 4. Reopening on Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.

All college, advising and business offices will be closed. This includes OneStop, Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar and Admissions.

Essential security services, like Public Safety, will continue with normal operations.

Details at uc.edu/winterclosure.

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Former Fulbright Recipients

Year Name State Field of Study Country
2013 Derrell Acon   Voice Italy
2013 Alisa Suzanne Jordheim Wisconsin Area Studies Norway
2013 Bill Weir   Archaeology Cyprus
2012 Beth Ann Ciaravolo Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Ukraine
2012 Jennifer Anne Williams Ohio Theater, Directing Germany
2011 Caitlin Kane Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Bulgaria
2011 Douglas Pew Kentucky Music Composition Poland
2011 Ruth Williams Ohio Creative Writing South Korea
2010 Jacqueline Arrington Pennsylvania Wind Instruments: Flute Germany
2010 Thomas Heuser Missouri Conducting Germany
2010 Angela Kanerva Kentucky Area Studies Austria
2010 Sarah Lima Ohio Archeology Albania
2010 Andrea Sisson Ohio Design Iceland
2009 Natalie D. Abell Indiana Archeology Greece
2009 Benjamin F. Brooks Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Hungary
2009 Michael D. Hutchins Ohio Literature Germany
2009 Melanie L. Lahti Massachusetts Wind Instruments: Clarinet Finland
2009 Phillip B. Richardson Texas Conducting Spain
2008 Lynne A. Kvapil Iowa Archeology Greece
2008 Daniel K. Osland Ohio Archeology Spain
2008 George E. Potter Illinois Drama Egypt
2008 Mitchell E. Sipus Ohio Urban Development & Planning Egypt
2008 Jillian M. Weise Florida Creative Writing Argentina
2007 Kevin R. Burke Ohio Musicology Germany
2007 Anne C. Feltovich Florida Archeology Greece
2007 Gordon M. Littig Florida Drama Mongolia
2007 James R. Massol Florida Wind Instruments: Bassoon Germany
2006 David R. Hernandez Florida Archeology Albania
2006 Merideth I. Hite South Carolina Wind Instruments: Oboe Germany
2006 Kristen L. Stencel New York English Teaching Assistantship Germany
2006 Katherine M. Swinford Ohio Archeology Greece
2005 Ryan A. Ricciardi New Jersey Archeology Greece
2005 Bridget J. Smith Ohio Linguistics Germany
2005 Michelle C. Yip New Mexico Piano China
2004 Heather F. Henry Kentucky Environmental Studies Australia
2004 Katie N. Miller Virginia History Germany
2004 Laura A. Smith Ohio Voice France
2004 Kristen J. Taylor Missouri Musicology Iceland
2003 Jessica L. Bubendorf North Dakota English Teaching Assistantship Germany
2003 Kristen M. Hetrick Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Germany
2003 Ethan F. Wickman Ohio Music Composition Spain
2002 Cecelia A. Hennessy Ohio Ecology Austria
2002 Sean J. O'Neill Ohio Archeology Egypt
2001 Anna E. Evans Delaware Voice Germany
2001 Stacey R. Meyer Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Germany
2001 Jeffrey M. Packer Utah Germanic Languages and Literature Germany
2000 Ryan K. Ingebritsen Ohio Music Composition Poland
1999 James M. Newhard Ohio Archeology Greece
1998 Silke K. Schade Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Germany
1997 Tonya M. Hampton Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Germany
1997 Julie A. Rape Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Germany
1997 Aine K. Zimmerman Ohio English Teaching Assistantship Germany
1996 James W. Haffner, Jr. Ohio Theater, Directing Germany
1996 Christopher M. Stanichar Washington Conducting Slovak Republic
1995 Michael Johnson Massachusetts Sculpture Slovak Republic
1995 Daniel H. LaBotz Ohio Latin American and Caribbean History Mexico
1995 Serban M. Sarbu Ohio Ecology Romania
1994 Cynthia A. Crane Ohio History Germany
1994 Carolyn L. Ostermann Pennsylvania Germanic Languages and Literature Austria
1994 Dale E. Reith, Jr.  Florida Ethnomusicology Kenya
1993 Susan J. Frank Pennsylvania Teaching English As A Foreign Language Germany
1993 Jennifer L. Johnson Kentucky Teaching English As A Foreign Language Germany
1993 Christine I. Panas Arkansas Archeology Spain