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Former Marshall Recipients & Candidates

Lauren Fink, 2012-2013 Marshall Candidate

Lauren Fink, a member of the University Honors Program, graduated summa cum laude from UC in 2013 with a Bachelors of Music in percussion performance and a minor in psychology.  She was the UC-endorsed candidate for a Marshall Scholarship and, though she did not receive the award, Lauren did receive a scholarship from the Cambridge Trusts to pursue an MPhil in Music and Science, with an emphasis in music cognition.  Lauren will complete this one-year masters program at Cambridge before entering the neuroscience PhD program at the University of California-Davis.

Paul Kruchowski

Paul Kruchowski was a finalist for the 2012 Marshall Scholarship. Paul graduated from UC in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in individualized interdisciplinary studies with a focus on cross-cultural communication, as well as a certificate in international human rights. Paul is also a Distinguished University Honors Scholar and a recipient of the 2010 Presidential Leadership Medal of Excellence and the McKibbin Prize. During his undergraduate career, Paul completed numerous internships at the State Department, where he began full-time work as an Education and Youth Officer in the Department's Bureau of International Organization Affairs following graduation. He has focused on human rights issues as well as education and youth issues, particularly creating educational opportunities for girls and women. Paul says that UC's philosophy of integrating real-world experience with theoretical knowledge has contributed to his success. Paul has made UC history, as he is the first UC alum to be named a dual finalist for both the Rhodes & Marshall Scholarships.