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For more information, please contact:

Pam Person
Director of Nationally Competitive Awards
(513) 556-4741

Cara Pickett
Assistant Director
(513) 556-4236

Nicole Moran
Graduate Assistant

NCA Council Members

Pam Person

Chair, Director of NCA and FYE

Gigi Escoe

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

Cheryl Albrecht

Assoc. Dean Library Services, Humanities and Social Sciences

Tom Canepa

Assoc. Vice President for Admissions

Terrell Finney

Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies, CCM

Anne Fugard

Executive Director for UC International Programs

Katrina Jordan

Director, Career Development Center

Margaret Hanson

Associate University Dean and Professor of  Physics

Jonathan Hilton

Undergraduate Representative, 2012 Truman Finalist

Betsy Lenhart

Associate Professor, College of Law

Nicole Mayo

Director, University Student Affairs, Leadership & Engagement

Raj Mehta

Vice Provost for International Affairs and Director of UC Honors Programs

Marlene Miner

Associate Dean, UC Blue Ash

Claudia Mitchell

Associate Professor of Clinical and Director BSN Program at Clermont, College of Nursing

Joanna Mitro

Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Kristi Nelson

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Mary Jo Petersman

Program Director, Graduate Education, College of Medicine

Regina Sapona

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CECH

Robin Selzer

Assistant Director, Academic, Pre-Professional Advising Center

Leigh Smith

Professor, Department of Physics

Carney Sotto

Associate Professor, Undergrad and First Year  Director, College of Allied Health Sciences

Mary Stearns

Senior Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Giao Tran

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Randy Ulses

Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid

Andrea Wall

Interim Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

Cheri Westmoreland

Director, McNair Program

Tara Warden

Provostal Liaison for Advising and Assistant Dean, McMicken Undergraduate Affairs