Make A Gift!

Endorsed Candidates 2012

Academic programs at UC are ranked among the best nationally and internationally. We graduate highly capable individuals who are active, critical-minded participants in the workforce and in civic life. Yet, we still seek external validation and recognition for our high-caliber learning envrionment.

One strategy for improving external recognition is to "establish more robust mechanisms to forward student nominations and applications for national and international awards" like the Truman, Marshall, or Rhodes Scholarships (UC2019-inspired academic master plan).

Support is needed to enable a culture of recognizing high achievement to take root so that the students identified as potential contenders engage in targeted experiences, mentoring, and advisement needed to receive distinguished fellowships.

Gifts will support:

Ongoing Programs and Services

  • Campaigns to educate the university community about various competitive awards and their requirements
  • Awards application review and processing mechanisms and their attending personnel costs
  • Student travel grants for finalists to attend national awards interviews
  • Celebrations to honor awards winners and to inspire future applicants

Special Projects

UC Awards and Scholarships
  • Local awards to recognize, encourage, and support UC students with aspirations and potential to earn national and international distinction
Lecture Series, Workshops, Professional Development Events
  • Enables UC to invite to campus guest speakers from awards-granting foundations or selection committees
  • Teaches students how to prepare thoughtfully constructed and well-polished awards application packages
  • Informs faculty how to write effective letters of recommendation
  • Supports faculty and academic advisors in their efforts to guide high-performing students to become award-winning scholars
President Ono gives advice to a prospective applicant