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Mason’s Kimberly Bauer Chosen as 2009 C-Ring Winner

The C-Ring Award, given annually to an outstanding graduating woman, was presented to Kimberly Bauer, a double major from Mason, Ohio.

Date: 5/26/2009 12:00:00 AM
By: Wendy Beckman
Phone: (513) 556-1826
Photos By: Lisa Britton

UC ingot   Competition for the 2009 C-Ring Award was keen, with 34 women nominated, from which seven finalists were chosen. At the annual C-Ring Award banquet on May 16, Kimberly Bauer, a chemistry/Spanish major in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, was awarded the 2009 C-Ring.

Left to right: Kimberly Bauer, Ayla Rapoport and Sonya Mueller.
Finalists Kim Bauer, Ayla Rapoport and Sonya Mueller wish each other good luck before the banquet.

UC Women’s Center director Barb Rinto acknowledged the wonderful challenge faced by the committee each year as they are tasked with selecting one outstanding graduating senior woman who has made a contribution to her community while maintaining a rigorous academic load.

In her letter of support for Bauer’s nomination, Associate Professor Barbara Wenner wrote about how impressed she was with Bauer’s “interest and excellence” in an Honors English literature course — especially impressive considering that Bauer is a double major in chemistry and Spanish.

But the C-Ring Award is for more than just academic achievement.

The seven finalists are (l-r) Lauren Rosenberger, Kersha Deibel-Trotter, Kendall Karg, Ayla Rapoport, Julia Jones, Kim Bauer and Sonya Mueller.
The seven finalists are joined here by Mitchel Livingston, UC Interim President Monica Rimai and A&S Dean Valerie Hardcastle.

“The C-Ring recognizes women who work to improve the quality of life in our communities; who feel a responsibility to the greater world. These are women who ‘lift as they climb,’ selflessly reaching out to other women and girls to help them succeed,” says Rinto.

Wenner also talked in her letter of support about Bauer’s working with women in other countries.

“She has been abroad six times, both studying and doing volunteer work from working in a maternity clinic in Nicaragua to studying medical Spanish in Peru,” Wenner wrote.

Debbie Brawn, director of Programs and Administration for the University Honors Program, nominated Bauer.

Mitchel Livingston was one of the speakers at this year's C-Ring banquet, held May 16, 2009.
Mitchel Livingston, UC Vice President of Student Affairs & Services and Chief Diversity Officer, spoke at the C-Ring Award banquet.

“Kim has an immense passion for learning about the world. During her time at UC, she has participated in six academic study abroad programs and visited at least 29 countries,” Brawn wrote. She also noted that Bauer lives a life of service and “does not hesitate to give her time and talents.” 

“Kim gives back to the communities and organizations of which she is a part,” Brawn wrote. “Kim is sensitive to diversity and other cultures. She readily adapts, as is evidenced by her success studying and living abroad. Her personal passion for learning and travel serves as an inspiration.”

Bauer hopes to enter graduate school and earn a combined master of physician assistant studies and master of public health degree, with the goal of improving the quality of women’s health internationally.

"Women around the world struggle to find equality and to obtain an education. Of the estimated 1.2 billion people living in poverty (less than $1 a day), 70 percent are women,” Bauer wrote in her essay. “By working with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for single-parent moms, by educating impoverished women at a Nicaraguan maternity clinic, and by providing needed supplies to women in Peru, I have been working to fight gender inequality.”

From left to right: Kim Bauer, Mrs. Bauer, Barb Wenner, Mr. Bauer.
Kim Bauer's parents were with her to share her happy moment.

“Kim has great vision for her life and her work. Her goal is to become a bilingual healthcare provider and to have an impact on women’s healthcare on a global level,” Brawn wrote. “I have full confidence that she will do this.”

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C-Ring Committee Members:

Left to right: Connie Kling Hanna 1953, Joan Linhardt Plunkett and Susan Grogan Faller (both) 1972, Julie Flammer 1999 and Susanne Riggs Malof 1975.
The C-Ring Winners' Circle: Connie Kling Hanna (1953), Joan Linhardt Plunkett and Susan Grogan Faller (both '72), Julie Flammer ('99) and Susanne Riggs Malof ('75).

Jane S. Anderson — McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Ratee Apana — College of Business 
Julie Burdick — Office of Senior Vice Provost
Lanthan D. Camblin — College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Catherine C. Castillo — UC Health Services
Stacy L. Downing — Student Activities & Leadership Development
Cheryll Dunn — Professor Emeritus
David J. Edelman — DAAP School of Planning
Lou Ann Emerson — College of Nursing
Julie A. Flammer — Cincinnati Faculty Club, former C-Ring winner
Lillian Guyler — College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Lisa Maria Hogeland — McMicken College of Arts & Sciences 
Sister Leslie Keener, CPS — Campus Ministry
Kimberly McGinnis-Hemphill — College of Business
Lisa H. Newman — McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Barbara Rinto — UC Women’s Center
Lillian S. Santa-Maria — University Ombuds
Ken Simonson — College of Engineering
Carney Sotto — College of Allied Health Sciences 
Deborah S. Weinstein — Student Affairs and Services
Lizabeth Wing — College-Conservatory of Music

C-Ring Honorary Members:

Karen K. Faaborg — senior vice president and Chief Human Resource Officer 
Andrea R. Lindell — dean, College of Nursing
Victoria A. Montavon — dean, University Libraries
Elizabeth C. King — dean, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences 
Kristi A. Nelson — senior vice provost, Academic Planning