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UC Engineer Sheds Light on Electronic Readers with IEEE Cover Story

Jason Heikenfeld compares the Kindle, iPad and the Droid in the March cover story of IEEE Spectrum. Watch a video that shows how the e-paper works!

Date: 3/3/2010 12:00:00 AM
By: Wendy Beckman
Phone: (513) 556-1826

UC ingot   For a look into the future of electronics, the University of Cincinnati watches up-and-coming researcher Jason Heikenfeld, associate professor of electrical engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS). This month he shares his flashes of insight with the world in the cover story of “Spectrum,” the flagship publication of IEEE (formerly called the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
IEEE Spectrum March 2010 cover.
'Kindle, iPad, Droid—these compact mobile devices are essentially all display. But the screens aren't all we'd like them to be. Yet.'

The technology behind electronic readers and e-paper is just one of the many areas of Heikenfeld’s research. At the moment it is just getting a lot of attention, thanks to Amazon, Sony and others.

"Electronic or e-paper like the Kindle is a really hot topic, with additional buzz about the iPad in some ways creating more questions than answers when it comes to how we will interface with digital publishing," Heikenfeld says. "The questions are not whether or not we will continue to move from paper to electronics — that is inevitable from both a green and convenience standpoint. The big question is whether we will have magazine thin and flexible e-readers that look just like paper, even in sunlight. This article attempts to hone in on the future a bit."

In "Lite, Brite Displays: the Electronic Display of the Future," Heikenfeld writes about the future of periodical delivery in a variety of environments. His words are of interest not only to electronophiles, but also those who follow trends in the publishing industry. Heikenfeld continues his 2020 scenario, adding, "That’s my vision of the future of periodical literature—or rather, the future of periodical delivery."

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