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Survey Shows UC Has a Solid Reputation among International Students

UC is leading national trends in recruiting international students. Now, a new survey indicates that UC’s international students feel that their study here is a solid investment.

Date: 5/6/2013 8:00:00 AM
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823
Photos By: Dustin Dunlavy/UC Admissions (2010)

UC ingot   UC’s world reputation continues to grow as an international destination for students. That’s the latest news from the most recent International Student Barometer Survey.
UC International Student Orientation, 2010
UC International Student Orientation, 2010

UC was the first American institution to adopt the International Student Barometer in 2005 to examine and build on satisfaction of the international student experience.  Students from 193 institutions around the world – including 21 U.S. institutions – participated in the most recent 2012 survey. A total of 161,781 international students participated in the survey.

Overall, UC ranked eighth in the world in the survey that explores the student experience in categories ranging from student learning to student life and social activities; support services (career advising, counseling, IT support); and experience on arrival (orientation services, registration).

Among all institutions surveyed, UC ranked in the top 10 in areas of welcome/arrival, assessment, banking and recreation facilities.

Among the other 21 U.S. institutions that participated in the survey, UC ranked first in the following categories:
  • Learning (virtual learning, assessment, online library)
  • Living (campus buildings)
  • Support (graduate school, IT support)
  • Arrival (welcome, registration, local orientation, banking)

UC ranked among the top three U.S. institutions reflecting high satisfaction in the following categories:
  • Learning (physical library, online library, learning spaces, learning support, technology)
  • Living (Internet access, athletics facilities)
  • Support Services (student organizations and clubs; student advising)
  • Arrival (formal welcome, orientation, housing conditions, meeting staff, first-night experience)

UC International Student Orientation, 2010
UC International Student Orientation, 2010

82 percent of the UC international students who responded to the survey indicated that they would actively encourage fellow international students to apply to UC. In addition, 82 percent of the UC students felt their program of study was a good financial investment.

UC is seeing significant growth in its international population, particularly undergraduates, and is now leading international recruitment trends in emerging markets: Vietnam and Iraq.

UC has gained national attention for its approach to recruiting international students – part of the university’s 2019 goals of establishing UC as a global university. The survey found that communications through the UC website, personal referrals from friends and overseas agents were the three biggest factors in drawing international students to UC.

As a result of UC’s growing international student population, UC in recent years has expanded orientation services for undergraduates, including providing free transporation from the airport to campus. UC’s largest international student population – both graduate (569 last fall) and undergraduate (387 last fall) – is represented by China. Across the nation, there has been significant growth in the number of Chinese students studying at American universities, particularly undergraduates. Ron Cushing, director of UC International Services, says that as a result of that growth, UC is adding an international recruitment and support specialist to International Admissions this fall, an employee who has previously coordinated with UC as a recruitment specialist in China. Cushing adds that recently, the Carl H. Lindner College of Business – which has experienced significant growth in Chinese students – added an assistant director position for the recruitment, admissions and advising of that growing student population.

Worldwide institutions taking part in the survey include Monash University, Newcastle University, University of Adelaide, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of Melbourne and University of Queensland. U.S. participants include Arizona State University, Indiana University, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, Purdue University, University of Illinois and University of Pittsburgh.

The survey has been conducted since 2005 by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate), an independent benchmarking and consultancy service.

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