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Announcing a New Format for Summer Test Prep Classes with Communiversity

The “Summer Concentrate” format features small class sizes for GRE and GMAT test preparation.

Date: 7/3/2013 12:00:00 AM
By: Donna Burns
Phone: (513) 556-9197

UC ingot   Students will benefit from lots of attention and small class sizes in Communiversity's “Summer Concentrate” format for both the GRE (July 6 & 13) and GMAT (July 20 & 27) Test Preparation programs. If you, your friends or family are thinking about working on that graduate degree at UC, take the first step toward that goal with Communiversity.

The class is team taught with an English instructor providing an intro to each test, including common misconceptions, time management tips, and insights into how to study. The English instructor covers the analytical writing assessment and verbal sections. The math instructor teaches the quantitative (and integrated) reasoning sections and reviews concepts of algebra and geometry. You'll work with authentic test questions and responses and arm yourself with skills and confidence by learning helpful strategies. Additional details are provided on this test preparation website.

And these are just a sampling of Communiversity classes that are beginning soon!