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Earn Extra Cash by Sharing Your Expertise with the UC Community

UC Communiversity is on the hunt for new instructors and classes to add to the course catalog.

Date: 12/21/2017 12:00:00 AM
By: Janet Staderman
Phone: (513) 556-6932

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Are you an experienced house flipper? Do you speak Mandarin? Have you ever yearned to show others that cake decorating really isn’t that hard?

If you possess a certain skill or have some knowledge you’d like to share with others, why not become an instructor for Communiversity? The university’s non-credit, adult education program offers innovative and fun courses to enrich the lives of working professionals, retirees and other lifelong learners around Cincinnati. With courses that take place on both UC Victory Parkway Campus and other convenient locations throughout Cincinnati, such as community centers and local businesses, Communiversity makes it easy for anyone to develop new skills and hobbies.

Communiversity course subjects include arts and handicrafts, fitness, foreign languages, communication and writing, cooking, music and dance, technology, finance, travel, local Cincinnati topics and much more. There’s a course for everyone, including professionals looking to expand their skills, retirees looking to learn something new and couples looking for something fun to try out on date night.

As every season brings a new repertoire of courses, there is always room to add new instructors and courses to the Communiversity course catalog. To become a Communiversity instructor, simply fill out a New Course Proposal Form with a description of your course and an outline of the topics to be covered and email it to Communiversity's Program Director, Janet Staderman. We are currently accepting proposals for both Spring and Summer sessions.

Teaching for Communiversity is perfect for anyone looking to earn extra money, gain experience as an instructor, share a little-known a little known subject or skill or all of the above. There is also opportunity to promote your small business by spreading your expertise to the community, such as a Cheese 101 course offered by The Rhined owner, Stephanie Webster or Queen City Gothic and The Armchair Detective taught by local author J.T. Townsend.
“I had always thought about being a teacher, but I had never been able to try it out before,” said Cassie Lipp, who teaches Reading and Writing Contemporary Poetry. “Teaching creative writing for Communiversity allows me to share my passion with the Cincinnati community while also learning from my students, who never fail to impress me.”

Aside from the personal growth and learning experience that comes with being a teacher, instructors also receive another great benefit: 50 percent off other Communiversity courses. It’s another way to learn something new as you teach something new. Instructors may take one Communiversity course per term at half price (some restrictions apply).

Whatever your reason for becoming a Communiversity instructor, there’s no reason to wait. Visit our website to learn more about applying to teach and view Current Courses. Please contact Janet Staderman with any questions.

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