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University of Cincinnati Homecoming 2002
to Feature an Art "Growllery" of Bearcats

Date: Oct. 9, 2002
Story by: Mary Bridget Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824
Archive: General News
Photos by: Carrie Cochran

Cincinnati - Check out the "CAT-alogue" of critters on the University of Cincinnati campus during Homecoming celebrations set for Saturday, Oct. 26.

Octobearfest Cat

Along with all the traditional trimmings of Homecoming - the Bearcat run, parade, kids' carnival, alumni luncheon, Bearcat Blitz gathering in the alumni center, and football game - is something new called "Mascot Mania."

Mascot Mania is modeled after Cincinnati's Big Pig Gig. The project has university staff, faculty, students and friends creatively decorating barebones 50-pound, 4-foot-3-inch sculptural forms and transforming them into "cat-tuettes." Fifty-two will be on display in the "Mainstreet Mascot Mania Voting Tent" on the university's front lawn near McMicken Hall, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. that day. The collection of cool cats includes:

  • Bobblehead Bearcat. He's a football jersey clad Bearcat with a bobble head to match the current bobblehead doll craze. (To fashion this Bearcat, employees at Kendle International Inc. had to decapitate their Bearcat, springload the head and then, well, "recapitate" him.)

  • The Purr-Minator. He's a take off on The Terminator. Dressed in leather boots and a jacket, he has half a face that resembles an adroid/robot. The other half is a Bearcat face.

  • Lady Libearty. Just as the name implies, she's a Bearcat with one arm upraised holding a torch and the other holding a tablet. It was created by Liberty Mutual Group.

  • Li-bear-ace Cat. Created by students from UC's Men's and Women's choruses, he'll sparkle with a coat made of mirror pieces while holding a candelabra in one hand and sheet music in the other.

  • Cybearcat. Created by UC's Information Technology Division, he'll "carry all the things a good, techie nerd should," said Tom Streeter, information technology analyst. This cat will sport a beanie with a revolving propeller, glasses with tape at the nose bridge, and a plastic pocket protector in his shirt pocket. He'll also carry a computer monitor. This cat's eyes are actually tiny cameras connected to both the Web and the monitor. Since he's "self-monitored," Homecoming visitors will be able to see whatever Cybearcat sees, on the Web or via the monitor.

  • Poet Elizabeth "Bearcat" Browning. Sporting a feathered hat, 19th-century dress and a book of "paw-etry," she's the handiwork of UC's lib-"bear"-al-arts arm, the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences.

    Octobearfest Cat

    Those attending UC's Homecoming will be able to vote for their favorite mascot, and the "Best of Show" award will be announced during the 2 p.m. UC Bearcats vs. Memphis State University Tigers football game in Nippert Stadium.

    Other events include the traditional 5-K Great Bearcat Run, which begins at the corner of Straight Street and Clifton Avenue at 10:45 a.m. More than 200 runners are expected in the race down Clifton Ave., through Burnet Woods, and along Jefferson Avenue and Calhoun Street before it ends on UC's Sigma Sigma Commons.

    After the start of the run, residents and visitors will line the streets to watch the 11 a.m. Homecoming Parade as it starts at the corner of Clifton Ave. and Calhoun St., proceeds north on Clifton Ave., and then turns right onto Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It will include "All American Bearcat," a Mascot Mania cat decked out in red, white and blue. The parade also includes marching bands, clowns and floats, according to Deidra Fajack, associate executive director, Alumni Affairs.

    The parade is followed by an noon alumni luncheon and a noon carnival, both on McMicken Lawn. The carnival includes prizes, games, food, clowns, jugglers, and face painters.

    Overall sponosrs for UC's Homecoming are Liberty Mutual Group and Fifth Third Bank.

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