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Psychology Book Offers Guidance for Changing Economy

Date: Dec. 7, 2000
By: Chris Curran
Phone: (513) 556-1806
Photos by: Colleen Kelley
Archive: Research News

A book edited and co-authored by psychology professor Edward Klein is helping UC students discover new ways to deal with the changing work place.

KLein with book

As a followup to "The Psychodynamics of Leadership," Klein collaborated again with Faith Gabelnick and graduate student Peter Herr to produce "Dynamic Consultation in a Changing Workplace." Aiding their efforts was a host of writers across the globe.

"It's a worldwide perspective," said Klein who wrote three of the chapters. Other chapters came from researchers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.

"We address critical issues," said Klein. "We examine transformations in the workplace, how people learn and how they deal with diversity at work."

There is also a wealth of information covering the times when things don't work out at work from divestitures and mergers to the proper way to fire an employee.

"Millions of people get laid off," noted Klein. "How you handle layoffs is important. If you give someone a pink slip, you have to talk to them three times. You need outplacement. Most corporations don't give people the time they need. The result can be violence."

From a consulting standpoint, Klein says business leaders need to examine both the system and the people who work there. "A consultant who only looks at the number of widgets you produce misses what happens at work. You have to bring together the internal world and the external one."

The book also focuses on a rapidly changing area of the global economy -- the healthcare industry. For example, is it possible to train people to do group therapy and long-term psychotherapy in the days of managed care which demand faster treatments and reduced hospital stays? Another chapter is devoted to issues surrounding AIDS.

Klein's class

Klein says the varied perspectives and the focus on addressing change made the book a valued addition to his psychology class this quarter. "The students really enjoyed the experience."

As a followup, Klein is already working on a third book, "Relatedness in a Global Economy," which is expected to be released in 2002. The publisher is Psychosocial Press of Madison, Conn.

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