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Alan Sullivan

Alan Sullivan
Sullivan's Research
Department of Anthropology
Anthropogenic Paleoecology

Alan Sullivan is an archaeologist who uses survey, excavation, and remote–sensing data to test hypotheses about the evolutionary significance of the archaeological record. Much of his work, framed by niche formation theory, focuses on the prehistoric use of fire in shaping ecosystems, subsistence economies, and land-use patterns. His long–term field research project is located in northern Arizona along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

QARG Publications
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Sullivan, A. P., and A. H. Ruter. 2006. “The Effects of Environmental Fluctuations on Ancient Livelihood: Implications of Paleoeconomic Data from the Upper Basin, Northern Arizona.” In Environmental Change and Human Adaptation in the Ancient American Southwest, edited by D. E. Doyel and J. S. Dean, pp. 180-203. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.