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Eva Enkelmann

Eva Enkelmann
Enkelmann's Research
Department of Geology
Assistant Professor
Quaternary Geochronology

Dr. Enkelmann’s research focuses on understanding the evolution of active mountain ranges over geological time scales. She is particularly interested in quantifying rates of rock exhumation and their spatial patterns, which result from tectonic and surface processes. Surface processes are highly depending from climate variations that in turn are influenced by topographic features that are driven by tectonic processes. Understanding this interaction between tectonic and surface processes is Dr. Enkelmann’s main interest. She is mostly working in the St. Elias Mountains in Alaska and in the Himalayan–Tibetan orogeny region. The main techniques she is using are geo– and thermochronometric methods like fission track, U-Th/He, and U/Pb dating on bedrocks and sedimentary deposits.

QARG Publications
Enkelmann, E., Ehlers, T.A., Zeitler, P.K., Hallet, B. 2011. Denudation of the Namche Barwa Antiform, Eastern Himalaya. Earth and Planetary Science Letter, 307, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2011.05.004.

Enkelmann, E., Zeitler, P.K., Pavlis, T.L, Garver, J.I., Ridgway, K.D. 2009. Intense localized rock uplift and erosion in the St Elias orogen of Alaska. Nature Geoscience 2, 5, 360-363.

Enkelmann, E., Garver, J.I., Pavlis, T.L. 2008. Rapid exhumation of ice–covered rocks of the Chugach–St. Elias orogen, SE-Alaska. Geology 36, 915-918.