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Richard A. Beck

Richard A. Beck
Beck's Research
Department of Geography
Associate Professor
Remote Sensing
Geographic Information Networks

Dr. Beck has research interests in the soils and paleosols of glacial drift in the mid–western US, change, environmental change in the Alaskan Arctic tundra, Alaskan river responses to climate change, and the modern barrier islands of the Texas Gulf Coast. Beck has also investigated the Ouachita uplift of Oklahoma, extensional terrains and strike–slip basins of Southern California, compressional tectonics of Idaho and Wyoming thrust belt/foreland, and the Himalayan thrust belt/foreland complex of Pakistan, India and Nepal. He is also involved in the design and implementation of Geographic Information Networks for environmental monitoring.

QARG Publications
Beck, R.A., Rettig, A. J., Ivenso, C., Eisner, W. R., Hinkel, K. M., Jones, B.M. Arp, C. D., Grosse, G., and Whiteman, D. 2010. Sikuliqiruq: ice dynamics of the Meade River—Arctic Alaska, from freezeup to breakup from time–series ground imagery. Polar Geography, 33: 115-137.

Jones, B.M., Arp, C.D., Webster, J., Beck, R.A., Grosse, G., and Urban, F.E. 2009. Erosional history of Cape Halkett and contemporary monitoring of bluff retreat. Polar Geography, 32: 129-142.

Bellian, J.A., Beck, R.A., and Kerans, C.. 2007. Analysis of hyperspectral and lidar data: Remote optical mineralogy and fracture identification. Geosphere, 3: 491–500.