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Wendy R. Eisner

Wendy R. Eisner
Eisner's Research
Department of Geography
Polar Regions

Dr. Eisner’s research interests include the use of palynological analysis to reconstruct past vegetation, landscape, and climate, mainly in the Arctic.

QARG Publications
Eisner, W. R.; Hinkel, K.M.; Cuomo, C.J.; Beck, R.A., 2012, Environmental, Cultural, and Social Change in Arctic Alaska as Observed by Iñupiat Elders Over Their Lifetimes: A GIS Synthesis, Polar Geography. DOI:10.1080/1088937X.2012.724463.

Eisner, W. R., Jelacic, J., Cuomo, C.J., Kim, C.J., Hinkel, K.M., 2012, Producing an Indigenous Knowledge Web GIS for Arctic Alaska Communities: Challenges, Successes, and Lessons Learned, Transactions in GIS 16 (1) pp. 17-37.

Eisner, W.R., Cuomo, C.J., Hinkel, K.M., Jones, B.J. and Brower, R.H., Sr. 2009. Advancing landscape change research through the incorporation of Iñupiaq Knowledge. Arctic, 62: 429-442.