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QARG Members

Recent Theses and Dissertations

Scott A. Reynhout
2011, MS Thesis
Slow denudation within an active orogen: Ladakh Range, Northern India

Peter Kimosop
2010, PhD Dissertation
A Comprehensive Hydrologic Assessment with Particular Reference to Kerio Valley Basin, Kenya

Andrew Rettig
2010, MA Thesis
An Open Geospatial Consortium Standards–Based Arctic Climatology Sensor Network Prototype

Barry Winston
2010, MA Thesis
Satellite Remote Sensing of Lake Ice Meltout Patterns Near Barrow, Alaska

Kathryn Hedrick
2009, MS Thesis
Towards defining the transition in style and timing of Quaternary glaciation between the monsoon–influenced Greater Himalaya and the semi–arid Transhimalaya of Northern India

Sarawuth Naramngam
2008, PhD Dissertation
Modeling the Impacts of Agricultural Management Practices on Water Quality in the Little Miami River Basin

Yeong Bae Seong
2008, PhD Dissertation
Quaternary glaciation and its role on landscape evolution of the Muztag Ata–Kongur Shan and K2 regions in the Westernmost Himalayan–Tibetan orogen

Christopher Carr
2007, MA Thesis
Variation in Environmental Impact at Rock Climb Areas in Red River Gorge Geological Area and Adjacent Clifty Wilderness, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky

John Hurd
2007, MA Thesis
A GIS Model to Estimate Snow Depth Using Differential GPS and High–Resolution Digital Elevation Data

Benjamin M. Jones
2006, MA Thesis
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Thaw Lakes and Basin, Barrow Peninsula, Arctic Coastal Plain of Northern Alaska

Jason Dortch
2010, PhD Dissertation
Rates of landscape development in the Transhimalaya: a framework for testing the links between climate, erosion and tectonics
Awarded Distinguished Dissertation for the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences in 2010

Andrew Miller
2010, PhD Dissertation
Human–Induced Geomorphologic Change: Modeling Slope Failure in Dominical, Costa Rica Using Landsat Imagery

Benjamin Thomas
2010, MA Thesis
Locating Aguadas in Northern Guatemala Using Remote Sensing

Shazia Bee
2009, MA Thesis
Seasonal and Annual Changes in Water Quality in the Ohio River Using Landsat–based Measures of Turbidity and Chlorophyll–a

Yu Sun
2009, MA Thesis
Simulating Future Land Use Change in the East Fork Little Miami River (EFLMR) Watershed in Ohio

Thushara Ranatunga
2008, MA Thesis
Development of a GIS and Remote Sensing Based Study Tool for Tree Identification

Byron Adams
2007, MS Thesis
Exhumation and incision history of the Lahul Himalaya, northern India, based on (U–Th)/He thermochronometry and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating techniques
Awarded Best M.S. Thesis for the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences in 2007

Navendu Chaudhary
2007, PhD Dissertation
An Object Oriented Approach to Land Cover Classification for State of Ohio

Jason Dortch
2006, MS Thesis
Glacial history of the Nenana Valley, Alaska