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Upcoming Events


Best Practices Speaker

May 4-5, 2015

Dr. Barbara Fivush, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Division Chief Pediatric Nephrology, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, MD, Director of the Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Drs. Fivush & Weisfeldt will speak at events concerning the support of women and diversity in medicine.


Ready, Set, Go! Workshop 5: Successful Collaborative Research

May 14, 2015, 9-11 am
450 University Hall, Medical Campus

Facilitator: Christy Holland, Professor of Internal Medicine

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Demonstrate the power of team-based approaches to problem solving
    • Explain the additional challenges to developing multi-disciplinary collaborations; whether across campus or countries
    • Use technology to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration
    • Be sensitive to different academic and industrial cultures that exist in other disciplines