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Department Head Training

This two-hour workshop is designed to help departments develop unit-specific four-year strategic plans for the recruitment, hiring, promotion, and retention of women STEM scientists. Department heads should attend and may invite up to four people from their units who will be involved in the planning process.

Because the strategic plans will be unit-specific, this workshop is designed to help departments think about what they need to do given their circumstances. The presenters will help departments create solutions for the challenges they face in recruiting, hiring, and retaining women.


Assessing & Enhancing Department Climate (University of Wisconsin)

Creating a Positive Departmental Climate: Principles for Best Practices (University of Michigan)

Departmental Climate Compendium
(Virginia Tech)


Effective Strategies to Diversify STEM Faculty (New Mexico State University)

Leadership Excellence for Academic Diversity Resources (University of Washington)

Unrecognized Bias and Assumptions Brochure (Virginia Tech)

Dual Career

Frequently Asked Questions: Dual Career Issues
(University of Michigan)


Candidate Evaluation Tool (University of Michigan)

Handbook for Faculty Searchers and Hiring (University of Michigan)


Best Practices Checklist for Running a Faculty Search (Utah State)

Faculty for the Future Project

Faculty Recruitment Toolkit (University of Washington)

Interrupting Bias in the Faculty Search Process (University of Washington)

Positive and Problematic Practices in Faculty Recruitment (University of Michigan)

Searching for Excellence and Diversity: A Guide for Search Committees
(University of Wisconsin)


Checklist of Best Practices for Annual Performance Review Process (Michigan State University)

Frequently Asked Questions: Retention of Science and Engineering Faculty Who Are Women and/or Members of Racial/Ethnic Minorities (University of Michigan)

How to Help New Faculty Settle In: Common Problems and Alternative Solutions (University of Michigan)

Work/Life Balance Policies (Virginia Tech)


American Council on Education Department Chair Programs

Equity Initiative Resources (Virginia Tech)

Giving and Getting Career Advice: A Guide for Junior and Senior Faculty
(University of Michigan)

Guidelines for Writing Letters of Recommendation (University of Michigan)