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Best Practices Workshops

Best Practices Workshops feature leaders in various academic fields to share insights and facilitate workshops to engage the community of faculty and administration in the top-down process of change.

Seakers include previous ADVANCE program directors and administrators, leaders in industry and local organizations (e.g., Procter and Gamble, GE) that promote equity and diversity in their organizations and scholars specializing in broadening participation of underrepresented groups in the STEM disciplines.

Ellen Kossek, PhD

January 29-30, 2015

Ellen Ernst Kossek is the Basil S. Turner Professor of Management at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management and the Research Director of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, a center that focuses on advancing women's leadership in organizations and society. Dr. Kossek is also currently Associate Director of the Center for Work-Family Stress, Safety, and Health of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Work, Family and Health Network, an interdisciplinary national research team collaborating to implement field studies that have the goal of reducing work-family conflict as a pathway to enhance employee and family health and organizational effectiveness. She is the current elected President of the Work Family Researchers Network.

Her research is focused on three areas: 1) leader and organizational support of positive work-life-family relationships to improve productivity, well-being and reduce stress; 2) organizational adaptation to new work forms such as flexible work schedules, workload, and E- working (telework and mobile personal devices);  and 3) managing global workforces, gender and diversity across global cultures and contexts. Dr. Kossek has taught students and managers in the U. S. & globally on such topics such as managing careers and work-life effectiveness; workplace flexibility (e.g., teleworking, flextime, part time); international and domestic human resource management and organizational behavior; leadership; teams; diversity, and organizational change.

Dr. Barbara Fivush, MD & Dr Myron Weisfeldt, MD

March 2015

Dr. Barbara Fivush, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Division Chief Pediatric Nephrology, Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, MD, Director of the Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University will conduct a series of workshops for women and administration in the College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children's and the VA Medical Center.

Previous Best Practices Speakers, 2014-15

Dr. Rosalyn Stewart, MD, MS, MBA

November 7 & 10

Associate Professor & Associate Program Director
Med/Peds Urban Health Residency Program
Department of Pediatrics
Best Practice Focus Groups
(Invitation Only)

Rosalyn Stewart, MD, MS, MBA is Associate Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, Nursing, and Public Health at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  A true leader in the delivery and development of care for the complex urban underserved population, Dr. Stewart is known for her clinical innovations directed to obviate social determinants of health.  Her safety net innovations have improved the health of targeted populations by coupling excellent medical care with programs that target the root causes of differences in incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases as well as other adverse health conditions. Her work has led to the development of team-based comprehensive care that includes use community partners as part of community-based multi-disciplinary primary care that emphasizes collaboration and utilizes social workers, case managers, community health workers, and inter-professional home-visits.

Dr. Stewart will conduct a number of focus groups this fall in preparation for a visit from a team from Johns Hopkins in the spring. Focus group topics will include: professional development, climate and diversity.

Christine Grant, PhD

November 20 & 21

Professor and Associate Dean of Engineering
North Carolina State University

Dr. Christine Grant has been empowering individuals and groups towards academic excellence for over 25 years at the university level. Her innovative programs span from middle school students to college students and up through university professors and administrators. She has been recognized for her accomplishments as an educator, leader and mentor with the NSF Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Math and Engineering Mentoring with additional achievement awards from the YWCA, Georgia Institute of Technology, the Council for Chemical Research, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  Currently she is a tenured Full Professor and Associate Dean of Engineering at North Carolina State University. She holds Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in chemical engineering from Brown University and Georgia Institute of Technology. She is the President and CEO of Leveraged Empowerment LLC.