STEMs with Latin Roots


STEMs with Latin Roots lectures are part of a series of year-long lectures co-funded by LEAF and a grant from UC's Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Six Latino scholars in six different disciplines will present public lectures on their research and network with students and faculty. Please contact for more information on each event.

September 25, 2015
The Department of Sociology
"Saying 'I Do' With Eyes Open to Race: Latinos, Marriage Choices, and Color Lines"
Jessica M. Vasquez-Tokos, Associate Professor, University of Oregon
3:00 - 4:30 PM
Taft Center, Edwards I

November 17, 2015
Department of Pharmacy
"Our Health Care Crisis: Is Cultural Competence the Right Medicine?"
Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, Professor and Associate Dean for Clinical Services and Practical Transformation, Executive Director of Innovative Pharmacy Solutions, University of Maryland
12:00 PM
231 Kowalewski Hall

February 5, 2016
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Engineering
"The Internet isn't Free: The Energy Costs of Bits, Bytes and Cooling in Today's Digital Information Factories"
Alfonso Ortega, Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Programs, James R. Berle Professor of Energy Technology, Villanova University
11:15 AM
544 Baldwin Hall

March 3, 2016
The Department of Physics
"Modified Coffee Rings for 1D Conductivity"
Luz J. Martinez-Miranda, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland
4:00 PM
301 Braunstein Hall

April 6, 2016
"On the Intersection between Genes, Environment, and Precision Medicine: A story of LINEs"
Ken Ramos, Associate Vice President for Precision Health Sciences, University of Arizona
The Department of Environmental Health
10:00 AM
Kehoe Auditorium, Kettering Building

April 15, 2016

Department of Psychology
"Neurocognitive and sociocultural aspects of antiretroviral adherence among HIV+ Latino/a adults"
Monica Rivera-Mindt, Director of Clinical Training, and Professor of Psychology & Latin American Latino Studies Institute, Fordham University
1:00 PM
6154 Edwards I