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Workshops for Women Faculty

New Faculty (Ready, Set, Go! )

The Ready, Set, Go! Series leads to successful research outcomes and improved retention; increased faculty morale; improved grant success; and a change in culture among faculty members, including collegiality and increased collaboration.

This ten-course series of programs, facilitated by an interdisciplinary team of research faculty, is designed to provide new faculty members with the competence and skills to set up and maintain a successful research laboratory or clinical research program.

The sessions intend to address common problems and allow faculty to better “hit the ground running” rather than waste time with distractions. It is anticipated that not only will new faculty take advantage of these sessions, but mid- and senior levels will attend selected sessions to enhance their research program.

Tenured Faculty 

  • Research (9/24)
  • Leadership (1/28)
  • Communication (3/25)