Visiting Scholar Grants


The University of Cincinnati NSF ADVANCE IT award, “UC LEAF” is committed to the advancement and empowerment of STEM women faculty at the University of Cincinnati (UC LEAF).  As one of our initiatives to improve the climate for women in STEM at the University of Cincinnati, LEAF is inviting proposals to co-sponsor distinguished academics to come to UC to speak.

The objective of this program is to identify and invite women or underrepresented minority scholars to speak on topics important to women STEM faculty and their respective departments. These may range from those found in typical departmental colloquia or in Grand Rounds, to those aligned more closely with LEAF’s mission.  


All NSF STEM departments are eligible for this grant. If applicants have questions about the eligibility of a potential proposal, please send a brief summary to and one of the UC LEAF Leadership Team members will review it. Applications should originate from the head of the department.


Departments may request up to a maximum of $750. The award may be applied to travel and lodging only. Speaker’s fees, per diems, meals, and any other costs must be covered through other sources. Funds must be expended, and the speaker must visit, no later than April 27, 2017.  All budget items are subject to UC and NSF guidelines. Please contact Juli Ogden before incurring any expenses.

Grant Expectations

In addition to the primary speaking engagement, the Visiting Speaker must meet with collectively with the women in the department, including tenured and non-tenured faculty, graduate students, and possibly undergraduate students, in an informal setting.

Attendance must be taken at all the speaker’s events using an NSF attendance sheet provided by LEAF staff. The attendance sheets need to be returned to LEAF staff within one week of the speaker’s departure.

Awardees agree to participation in grant and UC LEAF program assessment.

All scholarship and promotional materials resulting from this award must acknowledge support from UC LEAF sponsored by the National Science Foundation.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be considered for funding in the order that they are received, depending on the availability of funds.

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