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Institutional Transformation

The UC senior administration and relevant deans are committed to institutional transformation. This can be seen not only in the representation of top administrators and former administrators on the project staff and advisory boards, but also in the considerable investments that the administration has already made in LEAF.

For example, the administration provided funding for the year-long Ready-Set-Go! workshop series which is a model for the kind of workshop programming we will offer our participants. Further, we have worked closely with the provost’s financial planning office and developed a budget proposal that would enable us to sustain LEAF on an on-going basis after NSF funding comes to an end. 

Finally, another significant aspect of our proposed work is that it will spread logic modeling expertise amongst the academic units and deans’ offices and thereby become incorporated into improved strategic planning processes.

Even after the grant period is ended, units will have the expertise to monitor their progress toward their endorsed goals and think creatively about solutions. We anticipate that as our program efforts are successful, new initiatives will be generated during the period of the grant beyond those discussed in our proposal and we will collaborate with our advisory boards to inject these grant-generated ideas into the normal budgeting processes of the institution.