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Accountability & Advocacy Council

The Accountability & Advocacy Council promotes innovation and transformation between and across academic and administrative functions to provide a venue to reconcile bottom-up and top-down approaches.

The Accountability and Advocacy Council serves as a liaison between our faculty and upper administration.  In this role, the AAC works with academic leadership to ensure that the broader goals of UC, particularly those surrounding diversity, inclusion, and faculty success, are aligned at the college and departmental level. The AAC also seeks feedback from faculty on those factors that promote or inhibit job satisfaction, job performance and career progress.

If you have feedback, suggestions, or concerns that you would like to share with the AAC, please contact AAC Chair Karen Faaborg at

Members of the UC LEAF Accountability and Advocacy Council:

Littisha Bates

Littisha Bates

Assistant Professor, Sociology


Fred Beyette

Professor, Electronic & Computing Systems


Melanie T. Cushion

Senior Associate Dean for Research, College of Medicine


Karen Faaborg

Professor Emerita, College-Conservatory of Music


Margaret Hanson

Associate University Dean
Professor, Physics


Erin Haynes

Associate Professor, Environmental Health


Arnie Miller 

Professor, Paleontology