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At Orientation

Taking Care of Business

Do it and be done! You’ll be busy in August, so do as much as possible during orientation and be done!

Taking Care of Business will take place on Day 1 in the Tangeman University Center Study Lounge, Level 3, beginning at 2:30 p.m.

You will be able to take care of:

  • Activating and depositing funds to your Bearcat Card
  • Opening a PNC Bank account, and linking it to your Bearcat Card
  • Signing up to receive your custom textbook list from your UC Bookstores and sign up for your textbook rental account
  • Waiving University Health Insurance (if applicable)
  • Meeting with Housing & Food Services Personnel
  • Purchasing a Campus Dining Pass
  • Purchasing your Student Parking Pass
  • Register for Campus LINK

The Bearcat Card has a debit feature that can be used both on and off campus.  Deposit funds online to your Bearcat Card at, and you can manage your account online, too. The dollars on your account will roll-over from semester to semester or you can get a refund of the balance at the end of the school year.

Power up your Bearcat Card with PNC Bank, the exclusive banking partner of UC’s Bearcat Card program.You can link your Bearcat Card to your PNC account and use it as your ATM card, too. PNC makes banking easy for students with 10 main campus ATMs and a full-service branch in Tangeman University Center. PNC’s Virtual Wallet® Student provides interactive online tools that make it easy to keep track of your money, so you–and your family–have one less thing to worry about as you begin your college journey. Enter our Taking Care of Business drawings:  Deposit at least $500 on your Bearcat Card by or before August 7, 2016, and be entered to win one of five prizes.  Drawing held August 15, 2016, and winners notified soon thereafter.

Custom Textbook List allows you to order your books online from the UC Bookstores. Sign up to receive your custom textbook list via email in the form of a shopping cart. Decide whether you want to purchase what is in the cart, and whether you want rental, digital, used or new books. You can pay for them with your Bearcat Card or credit card. Pick them up or have them shipped.

Creating a Text Rental Account allows you to rent books from the UC Bookstores. This is a one-time signup process. Renting textbooks can save you on average more than 50% off the new book price. To sign up for a rental account, you will need a valid credit card, email address, driver’s license/state ID. If you are not 18, you will need your parent/guardian to sign you up.

Health Insurance: All students registered with six or more credit hours or on Co-op must have health insurance to attend UC. If you have your own insurance, you can waive UC’s insurance. If you do not have insurance, you do not need to do anything, and UC will bill you for Student Health Insurance. If you will be waiving your health insurance, please remember to bring your insurance card with you to Taking Care of Business.

Housing and Residential Meal Plans have generally been selected by this time, but if you have questions/concerns about your application, you can speak to the Housing representative at Taking Care of Business.You can also change the residential meal plan you have already selected, if needed.

Campus Dining Passes are convenient, and perfect for commuting students or upperclassmen. They can be purchased at Taking Care of Business or online at

Student Parking Permits can be purchased at Taking Care of Business, and remember to bring your license plate number with you. Parking passes are sold on a first come, first-served basis. The passes will be mailed to your home before classes start.

Campus LINK can match you with your interests and suggest organizations and events in which you may want to get involved. Have fun and gain leadership experience while here at UC! Register with your 6+2 today.

We have packaged these programs in one place because Taking Care of Business is one of the most important activities you will engage in as you prepare for your new life at the University of Cincinnati. Take care of all the business you can while you’re here.

Do It and Be Done!

UC Bookstore’s Open House

Beginning at 2:30 p.m., Day 1

You can purchase hardware and software at educational discounts. Microsoft-licensed software, for either PC or MAC, will be available for purchase for $9 or less. Make sure you have your new Bearcat Card in order to take advantage of this great offer. Register to win $500 worth of textbooks.

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Click here to download the Bearcat App and the Bearcats Bound Orientation Guide for access to Orientation schedules, student resources, and more.

You may also access the Bearcats Bound Orientation guide via a desktop by clicking here

If you have additional questions regarding Orientation please contact us at 513-556-2486 or