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View Orientation Parking in a larger map

The following garages are available for general orientation parking:

Please refer to the campus map (JPG) for locations and directions to these garages. 

Obtain a ticket (marked “1”) from the machine at the entrance of the garage.  Place the ticket with date and time stamp facing up, on the front driver’s side of your vehicle’s dashboard so that it is visible to parking enforcement personnel. At Orientation check-in, you will receive a voucher ticket (yellow on one side and marked “2”) which will allow you to exit at no charge. 

To exit the garage, at the machine, first insert the ticket you received from the machine (marked “1”), then insert the voucher ticket (yellow marked “2”) that you received from Orientation check-in.

Parking for Guests staying overnight in Siddall/Calhoun Hall

Only students and parents staying overnight in Siddall/Calhoun Residence Hall will be permitted to park in the CCM Garage. Overnight guests should obtain a ticket from the machine at the entrance of the CCM garage. When you check-in at orientation, you will receive a CCM Garage voucher which will allow you to exit at no charge (CCM Garage is reserved for Calhoun Hall’s overnight guests only). You may also park in the Calhoun Street Garage or any of the other garages.

Entrances to the garages

  • You may enter Campus Green and Woodside Garages via Jefferson Avenue or Clifton Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.
  • You may enter the Clifton Court Garage via Clifton Avenue to Clifton Court.
  • You may enter Corry Garage, Calhoun Garage and CCM Garage via Jefferson Avenue to Corry Boulevard.
  • You may enter the University Avenue Garage via Jefferson Avenue to west University Avenue or Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Scioto Lane.