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Academic Integrity

The University of Cincinnati has launched an ongoing Academic Integrity Campaign to educate students regarding academic integrity.  The campaign emphasizes that character counts and integrity is important to academic excellence.  Academic integrity provides the foundation upon which a flourishing academic life rests.  It requires honesty.  Academic dishonesty diminishes the University of Cincinnati as an institution and all members of the university community.  For these reasons and more, academic integrity is an essential part of any true educational experience.

As new students to the University of Cincinnati, you are responsible for upholding the highest standards of honesty at all times, as well as adhering to the principles and spirit of the Academic Integrity Campaign.  We ask that you acknowledge and honor your responsibilities while completing all placement tests regardless of location.

Academic Honesty and Online Tests

University of Cincinnati holds you to a very high standard for academic honesty.  You must take all your placement tests without any assistance and according to the instructions provided.  By taking the tests, you have agreed to the above conditions.  Individuals found to have violated this honor code will be sanctioned by the university.  The highest penalty is academic dismissal.

Access to Computers with Internet Connection

Here are some places you may be able to find a computer with internet access to take your test:

  • Your High School
  • Regional or local college library
  • Regional or local public library
  • UC Testing Services Center at (513) 556-7173 or