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Final Exam Care Package

Final Exam Care Package

Let your student know you are thinking of them!

The Parents Association sponsors a care package program to help parents and family members connect with their student during critical times of the year. We are excited to offer care packages during exams as well as a few that are “out of the blue.”

Exam Support:

  • The “Bearcat Spirit” Care Package- the biggest and best care package (66 gourmet treats in all) features both wholesome and high energy snacks; enough to get through finals.
  • The Support Basket Pack- stuffed full of tasty and wholesome foods designed to provide love and encouragement.
  • The Exam Survival Pack- contains an assortment of high energy success snacks that students will enjoy during study sessions. Packed in a colorfully designed, recyclable, decorative box, this package will provide much needed encouragement.
Trick or Treater Care Package

Trick or Treater Care Package

Holidays and Out of the Blue:

  • The Trick or Treater- arrives at Halloween time and comes in its own recyclable Trick or Treat box loaded with popular Halloween candy. Midterms take place during this time of year, so this package will be doubly appreciated.
  • Out of the Blue- arrives when it is least expected containing more than two dozen snacks and sweets that will reiterate your love and support from home.
  • The Valentine Surprise- arrives for the holiday and when students begin preparing for spring midterms. This care package is not only filled with sweets, but contains a box of tiny Conversation Hearts and much more.

To place an order or to have any questions answered regarding your purchase, such as shipment and delivery, please call the customer service number at 1-800-892-8741.

In order to ensure that all care package information and ordering is delivered to your appropriate address, please update your mailing address if it has changed. Simply email with updates.