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Each violation tag must be paid or appealed within ten (10) calendar days as indicated on the violation tag. After ten (10) calendar days from the date the violation tag is issued, fine(s) must be paid, in addition to all delinquent and administrative service fees, before appeal can be heard. An administrative service fee will be assessed to all appealed violation tags as outlined in the fee schedule, which are sustained by the parking appeals board or student court. Appeals are to be submitted in writing to Parking Services on this site or in person. They are then forwarded to the Board of Parking Appeals. Undergraduate student appeals are heard by Student Court. West Campus graduate student appeals can be heard by Student Court or forwarded to the Parking Appeals Board. If the appealed violation tag is voided through the appeals process, all fines and fees paid toward that tag will be refunded. The fine will become delinquent if not paid within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the appeal notification letter.

Simple errors or omissions on a violation tag which have no direct effect on the actual circumstances surrounding the violation are not considered grounds for cancellation of the tag. All decisions rendered by the parking appeals board and/or the student court are final.

Appeal a Citation