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Frequently Asked Questions

New Parking System FAQs:

Why the New Parking System?
The new parking access system being is instituted at UC for the following reasons:

  • The old parking system is not Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. PCI is the standard for credit card data security. The university is responsible for ensuring that credit card payments fall within the data security standard guidelines.
  • New Bearcat IDs, to be distributed this school year, will become the primary access to parking. These IDs contain a chip that will provide access to the garages, just as the current hangtags do, through a proximity reader.
    • This change provides a more efficient system, allowing online, parking-pass purchasing while eliminating pass pick up from the Parking Services office. This in turn increases sustainability of UC’s parking initiatives.
    • Use of the barcode on the back of the current keycards is an interim solution until the IDs can be distributed.
  • New Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) technical standards are required as of Oct. 2015.  The old system would not have been upgradable to those standards.
  • Additional Benefits:
    • The new parking access system does have other advantages, including: the ability to pre-sell event parking passes, and ease of garage exit. The new pay-on-foot Pay Station option removes cash from the exit lane enabling unhindered traffic flow upon exiting the garages.

UC Fast Pass
UC Parking is introducing a UC Fast Pass hang tag that allows hand-free access to the garages. The Fast Pass is scanned and read while entering and exiting the parking garage. Similar to a toll road tag, simply pull into the lane and the gates will open up. This is an optional, additional parking hang tag that can be purchased for added parking convenience. The Fast Pass charge helps cover the costs of the tags as well as the maintenance of the UC Fast Pass equipment.

The UC Fast Pass will be available by Oct. 2015. When the new Bearcat IDs launch, a Parking system migration will occur to begin utilizing the new ID versus the current hang tag. Once the IDs are working, you will have a choice of waving your Bearcat ID in front of the machine, or using the Fast Pass, if you have purchased one. These two options are interchangeable.

What information do I need to provide to buy a parking permit?

You will need to provide your vehicle license plate number, make, model and color as well as your UCID.

Why should I purchase a permit?

A permit must be on display to park in any valid surface lot on the university campus. A violation ticket will be written for any vehicle not displaying a permit. Permit parking allows one to park on the university campus anytime that it is necessary to come. Any parker without a valid permit must park in any cash garage and pay hourly/daily rates.

My permit was lost. How do I get a replacement?

If your permit was lost, you can receive a replacement by contacting Parking Services at 513-556-2283. There is a replacement fee.

How do I get to the University of Cincinnati?

Go to the Information for Visitors Web page for maps and directions. 

How do I purchase a permit?
Where is visitor parking located?

Visitor cash parking is located in all the garages on the Medical and West campuses. Visitors can also park at meters and insert the coins required.

How do I apply for special parking needs, such as vendor or dock passes, event passes, guest speakers, etc?

Go to the Special Parking request form, located in its own section accessible from the sidebar of the Parking Services website. 

How often can I use my permit?

Parking permits can be used 24 hours a day as long as they are used sequentially for the garage purchased for.

How exactly does my permit work? Do I have to wave my permit if the gate arm is up going in or out?

Permits must be used sequentially in order to work, if the gate arms are in the upright position when entering or exiting the garage; permit must be waved at sensor to continue to work properly.

What do I do if my permit does not work?

If you have a valid parking permit and does not work, press the help button at the exit or entrance and your call will immediately be directed the a Parking Services Enforcement Supervisor.

As a first time payroll deduct employee, how are my payments processed?

As a payroll deduct employee, your initial deduction will reflect the prorated amount of the actual date you initially purchased parking, the next month payment, and the advanced payment for the following month; as parking is paid for in advance.

How Do I Use a Keycard?

If I have to pay and have a permit, how do I get my money back?

In the event your permit does not allow you to exit and you pay the PIL (pay in lane) to exit, press the printed receipt and bring it into Parking Services (4 Edwards) within 30 days and your monies will be refunded. 

When can I register for parking for the next semester?

Students can pre-register or purchase parking for the next semester in accordance with the student sales dates. This includes evening students as well.

Which form should I complete to request parking vouchers?

Go to the Parking Voucher request form on the Forms page of the Parking Services website. 

My address has changed and/or I would like to update my vehicle information. How can I do this without coming into the office?

Log into your parking account to update the information. Fill out the "Address/Vehicle Change Form." You can also contact Parking Services at 513-556-2283.

How does the Waitlist work? 

University of Cincinnati staff and faculty are eligible for placement on one waiting list. When a waiting list exists, a faculty or staff member must go to the Parking Services website and place his/her name on the list. When a space becomes available in the parking facility, the first individual on that list will be notified either by phone or in writing. Individuals who do not respond within the set period of time will be removed from the list. It is the responsibility of the individual to update information on file. Where is my permit valid at?

Can my permit be interchanged with friends and family?

Interchanging your permit with family and friends is a violation to parking and could cause your parking privileges revoked

Are there shuttle buses available to transport people from one campus to another?

Yes, there are shuttle buses available. For schedule information, please call 513-556-4147 or visit the shuttle schedule Web page.

When can impoundment of a vehicle occur?

An impound will occur when a vehicle is located on university property and has four outstanding or open parking citations. It can also occur when the vehicle displays a revoked, altered or stolen permit.

How many parking spaces does UC Parking Services manage?

Parking services manages a total of 12,573 parking spaces.