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Physical Disability

Special parking permits are available for persons with physical disabilities. In order to receive this permit, you must have a state placard and the state registration in your name. We occasionally may contact Disability Services or University Health Services for assistance. A state disability placard must be used in conjunction with a valid university decal. Students with disabilities may park in any non-reserved disabled parking stall on campus for the semesterly fee equal to the rate of the least expensive facility.
Individuals who wish to have a reserved stall must work with Parking Services and pay the appropriate rate for that facility. Faculty/staff may park in any non-reserved disabled parking stall or white stall in an area or facility of their choice at the rate of that facility or area. Disabled parking spaces are provided in all cash facilities.

Unnumbered disabled stalls may be used by any person with a valid university disable parking permit as well as a state placard. Reserved disabled visitors must display a state disabled placard and park in a garage. Numbered signs on stalls at the Medical, West, Victory Parkway, Raymond Walters and Clermont campuses indicate the stall is reserved for a specific person. Reserved stalls are limited to the severely disabled persons and require the recommendation of a physician, state placard, state plate or vehicle must be altered. However, each case will be reviewed on an individual basis with the assistance of University Health Services and Disability Services.

Violators parking in disabled stalls, in accordance with Ohio House Bill #148, are subject to a fine and possible impoundment of the vehicle in violation.