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Parking Services

Loading and Unloading

Parking for loading and unloading up to thirty minutes will be granted when necessary. Passes must be obtained from Parking Services. Campus drives are restricted to thirty minutes loading/unloading. A permit to do this may be acquired from the parking office. Campus drive parking is restricted based upon need.

When loading docks are needed on the east, west, Clermont, Raymond Walters or the College of Applied Science campuses, a specific request for their use must be made. Established garage rates will be charged for loading and unloading in garages on the east and west campuses. A valid load/unload permit must be displayed at all times while loading or unloading.


Contractors working out of their vehicles must park within a construction area, if one has been designated or in an available facility at the daily or monthly rate. Parking charges are to be paid by the contractor. Violators of these policies will be cited or towed. All contractors and/or subcontractors requiring campus drive parking must submit the request in advance and must provide verification issued by the appropriate university department.


Parking will not be reserved for deliveries, unless a "Request for Special Parking Form" is submitted online in advance. The parking office will provide cost information for extended deliveries. Delivery drivers are responsible for any parking violations they incur.

Service and Sales Persons

Service or sales vehicles will be limited to garages unless the service person needs to work from their vehicle. In these cases, a thirty minute dock temporary permit will be issued by Parking Services Office for loading and unloading. The vehicle must then relocate to a pay facility. Service persons working on projects longer than one day will be treated as contractors and subject to contractor's guidelines.

University and Other Government Vehicles

Government-licensed vehicles (federal, state, county or city) are exempt from parking permits requirements. Government vehicles are subject to compliance with Parking Services rules and regulations. Operators of university owned or leased vehicles must comply with vehicle regulations. If the operator's identity cannot be detemined, the department to which the vehicle is assigned will be liable for payment of fine(s).