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Parking Services

Towing and Impoundment

Towing and/or impoundment of a vehicle may occur when a vehicle is:

  • Blocking a fire lane or hydrant.
  • Blocking a roadway, drive or loading dock.
  • Blocking a dumpster.
  • Blocking other vehicles.
  • Creating a real or potential safety hazard.
  • Owned or operated by an individual with outstanding delinquent parking tags.
  • Using a revoked, altered or stolen permit.
  • Parking in violation of posted signs.
  • Parked in a handicap or reserved stall.

Impounded vehicles will be assessed a daily storage fee. Signs are posted 24 hours in advance. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to be aware of these postings in order to not have their car relocated. Total payment of outstanding fines, delinquent fees, impound fees and towing charges must be paid in order to release the vehicle. Cash, certified checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card are the only acceptable means of payment. Personal checks must be approved by parking management.

If a tow truck is called to move a vehicle and the driver appears before the vehicle is towed and agrees to pay all outstanding obligations, the vehicle will not be towed, but the individual is responsible for the tow charge. Limited agreement options are available.

Vehicles are subject to tow/impound at any time it becomes apparent that they are using a handicap stall without the proper handicap authorization. Authorization for reserved stalls is posted by permit number or license plate number. For garage non-reserved stalls, a standard handicap insignia is required. All disabled visitors, UC staff and students must park in garages unless the pre-requisite credentials for that are are issued. When a vehicle is found to be illegally parked in a handicap stall, the parking facilities superintendent will respond to verify all information. Parking office personnel will make an effort to contact the owner of the vehicle in question before towing to verify handicap status. This contact period shall not exceed thirty minutes. In the event a handicapped individuall utilizes a "reserved" handicap parking stall, a violation tag will be issued without towing for the first offense. Handicapped individuals who continually violate reserved handicap stalls will be subject to the same enforcement policies as all other persons.

Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles remaining on university property for more than 72 hours without a valid university parking access card or permit will be considered abandoned. Abandoned vehicles may be towed and/or impounded at the owner's expense. Unclaimed abandoned vehicles may be sold at public auction 30 days after notice. It is the driver's responsibility to contact the appropriate campus parking office if he/she knows the vehicle will be left unattended for more than 72 hours.

University Operations

Vehicles may be towed for the facilitation of university operations (construction, maintenance, emergency, etc.).


The University of Cincinnati Police and/or Parking Services may tow and/or impound vehicles.