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Parking Services

User's Responsibility

The function of the Parking Office is to make parking as convenient as possible within constraints imposed by demand, available space and cost. The entire operation is self-sustaining through fees collected from users. Income derived from fees is used to defray operation expenses (ex., pay debt on garages, and road and lot repairs).

User Services

Parking Services currently offers the following services to the university community:

  • The Motorist Assistance Program offer unlocks, jump starts and inflating flat tires. For assistance, contact 513-556-2283 or, after hours, 513-556-1111. 
  • Rideshare and Vanpool information may be obtained by calling Parking Services at 513-556-2283
  • The Student Advance Purchase Registration occurs each semester. Dates are located on the Parking Services website.
  • When a violation tag is written for 'no permit displayed,' a courtesy void is available on an annual basis to all university faculty, staff, students, visitors and patients. Contact the Parking Office issuing the violation tag for further information. 
  • Lost your car? It's easy to do with approximately 12,000 parking spaces at the Medical and West campuses. Come to the Parking Office and we will be happy to help you locate your car. 
  • Snow removal from lots, garages and drives (101 acres) is the responsibility of Parking Services. Every effort is made to clear and de-ice all surfaces. Sidewalks, plazas and other pedestrian-only areas are cleared by Facilities Management.

All students are eligible to purchase a parking permit. To park on campus, one must display a Parking Services issued permit or use a cash parking facility. Permits are issued on a semesterly or academic year basis and are most easily purchased through Parking Services' priority registration. This takes place prior to the start of each semester and its dates are published on this website.

Parking Services

No individual or department, other than Parking Services, may grant parking privileges, except those that may grant parking privileges for their respective areas, as specifically delegated in writing by Parking Services. All parking permits issued to users of the parking system remain the property of the university and the university reserves the right to:

  • Refuse issuance of a parking permit. 
  • Change parking assignments as deemed necessary. 
  • Restrict the use of any parking space, structure or surface lot at any time. 
  • Determine hours of control or determine mode of operation of any area at any time.
  • Revoke or recall a parking permit or decal.

University Liability

No liability is created by granting parking or vehicle operating privileges on property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the University of Cincinnati. The university assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of vehicles or their contents while operated or parked on university property. The University Police, however, do make regular tours of parking facilities.

Driver Responsibility

Rules and regulations are enforced 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. Cars must be operated and parked in a manner that assures the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians in the lot. Parking is permitted in marked stalls only. The entire vehicle must be within the boundary lines of the parking stall. Responsibility for finding a legal parking stall rests with the vehicle operator. Snow or other severe weather conditions are not valid reasons for violating regulations. Revocation of parking privileges may be made by Parking Services for failure to observe parking regulations. In the event of mechanical failure of a vehicle, the owner/driver is responsible for its removal as soon as available services permit. Lots and/or garages may not be used to store a vehicle. If a vehicle will be left unattended for more than 72 hours, the owner/driver should contact Parking Services.