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How to Use Parking Permit Hang Tag


Step One

  • When entering and exiting, if a vehicle is in front of you, wait until the vehicle has exited and the gate arm is lowered before scanning your hangtag permit.

Step Two

  • Pull up to the large black box, hold the hangtag
    directly in front of the scan-reader, wait for the
    beep and light change to green
  • Beep and light change lets you know that your
    permit has been read

Step Three

  • Hang the permit on your rear view mirror
  • Your permit must face outward and be
    displayed at all times while parked

Hangtag Rules

  • You must maintain the in/out sequence of use
  • You must scan your permit every time you enter
    and exit or the permit will not work
  • Only the registered owner may use the hangtag
  • The permit may not be used to allow other vehicles in
    or out. Any violation may lead to your tag being revoked


  • Hangtags must be returned in good condition
  • A fee will be charged for the following:

            –  Hangtags not returned or returned
                after cancellation or expiration date
            –  Lost or stolen hangtags
            –  Failure to return payroll deducted permits
                upon cancellation of parking