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Automatic Pay-in-Lane (PIL)

pay-in-lane machine.

Parking Voucher Instructions

1. Drive up to the exit Pay In Lane (PIL) device.

2. Follow the instructions as shown on the blue and white sheet on the device, or download the instructions as a PDF

How to Use the Pay In Lane Machines

Pay in lane machine.

Bearcat Campus Card Instructions

1. Insert ticket into slot indicated by arrow.

2. PIL will calculate and display amount due in upper left corner.

3. Insert Bearcat Card into same slot indicated by arrow (not credit card slot), stripe facing down.

4. PIL will accept card and display "Please wait...processing," then "Thank You." 

5. If insufficient funds, card will not be debited - use alternative payment method.

6. For help, press the intercom button. 

Voucher Permit Program

The Voucher Permit Program offered by UC Parking Services provides a unique option for university departments that wish to continue to pay for visitor parking in non-staffed parking facilities.

Unlike outdated automated payment units, the PIL device enables Parking Services to offer to university departments and guests a wide range of payment options including full or partial-pay validation vouchers, multiple use cards, extended period use cards, etc. At the exit, the PIL processes the fee automatically and displays it on the LCD window.

Here is how the program works:

  1. The department must have a voucher code account set up with Parking Services in order to participate. If the department does not, please complete a voucher order form.
  2. If the department does have an account with Parking Services, please complete a voucher order form request to have the voucher ticket system added.
  3. Be prepared to supply the following information:
    1. The estimated number of visitors per month expected.
    2. If your department wishes to pay the entire parking fee, a portion of the fee or a specific amount of time.
    3. The department contact person.
  4. Allow up to 3 weeks for processing of your request and the voucher tickets. A parking representative will notify your department contact person when the vouchers are ready for pick up at Edwards Four.
  5. When requesting more vouchers, be prepared to include your voucher code account on the voucher form.