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Parking Services currently offers the following services to the university community:

  • The Motorist Assistance Program offers unlocks, jump starts and inflations of flat tires. For assistance, contact 513-556-2283 or, after hours, 513-556-1111.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    • Parking Services supports the use of Electric Vehicles, as these vehicles promote a means for commuting that reduces and/or eliminates pollution.  Vehicles occupying parking spaces set aside for Electric Vehicle Charging are limited to 4 hours per day.  Individuals charging their electric vehicles on campus are asked to consider the needs of others by removing their vehicles when they are charged.  This will allow other users to access to the EV Charging Stations.   A citation may be issued for parking over the 4 hour time limit.  To ensure that users are responsible and cooperate with each other pertaining to the use of electric charging stations on campus, the following guidelines are established.

      • A valid University of Cincinnati permit must be displayed to avoid a citation
      • There is a four (4) hour maximum usage per day
      • Vehicle must be charging

    • Parking Services is not responsible for damage caused by improper charging of an electric vehicle.  All EV Charging Station users are expected to use the chargers properly.

    • EV Charging Stations Locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to charge my vehicle?

There is no charge to use the EV Charging Station.

Is a parking permit required to use the EV Charging Stations?

A valid UC parking permit is required to use the EV Charging Station.

Is there a time limit for using the EV Charging Station?

Yes.  Vehicles occupying parking spaces set aside for Electric Vehicle Charging are limited to 4 hours per day.  Vehicles may not go over the limit or occupy multiple charger spaces during the same day. The electric vehicle owner is responsible for moving their car once the allotted time is reached.  A citation may be issued for parking over the time limit.

What type of electric vehicles chargers do you have?

The EV Charging Stations are level 2 chargers.  These charging stations can simultaneously charge two cars at 240 volts/unit and charge a vehicle 100% within eight hours.

Where are the EV Charging Stations located?

Lot 13 and Clifton Court Garage.

My vehicle is fully charged, can I still park in the EV charging spaces?

If your vehicle is finished charging it must be moved.  If your vehicle remains in the charging space you are subject to receiving a citation.